Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little ??? in a blanket

Aunt Nicole and Uncle Will made these cool blankets for the kids and they all love them.
Porter's favorite thing about his blanket: "the humans who are on it"
Maya's favorite thing about her blanket: "teddy bears, cause I like teddy bears"
Bennett's favorite thing: "being smothered never felt so good!"


Sarah Harward said...

SOOO cute!! What kind of humans are on that blanket?

Amanda said...

It's the superman blanket he got for Christmas. Remember the one Landon LOVED and took to church with him.

Buchk fam said...

You are just the Blogging queen! Way to go! Your kids are so fun!

Anonymous said...

I like the documentation you make of the things your kids say. Those are some mighty good lookin' humans!