Friday, January 11, 2008


Casey just told me he would finish bathing the kids and do the dinner dishes, and for me to go "do the blog" I'm not exactly sure what that means seeing as I wasn't planning on writing anything today but now I guess I have to, and with him doing all that I feel like I need to make it good! Today has been a pretty boring day but I'll just give a list of the highlights
-painting the kids fingernails (after I painted Maya's (one hand dark pink and one light) Porter came up to me and asked if I'd paint his "Pink...oh no I mean white") So he got white (with sparkles, I think he secretly really wanted pink and was pleased with the sparkles in the white)
-Porter yelling persistently "IT WAS THE FROG" every time he burped or tooted (thanks Landon)
-Having the Spencers come over to play (the day is so much nicer when I have a friend to talk to)
-Bennett chuckling at Porter doing something totally not funny
-Maya pretending to be a baby unicorn for the better part of the morning.
-Me telling Porter to go blow his nose and him quickly blowing it on his t-shirt and looking at me with his puppy dog eyes and saying "oops too late"
-Listening to Porters new praying style where he tells Heavenly Father everything he knows "Dear Heavenly Father I know we can be good, I know the Holy Ghost can help us, I know we love Christmas"...etc
-Playing guess who with Porter and Maya when Maya only wanted to be the girls, of which there are exactly 5, and Porter kept correcting her every time she asked a question that wasn't answerable with a yes or no.
I guess one of my favorite things about having kids is that even the most dull days are still pretty exciting.


Sarah Harward said...

I miss you guys!! I wish it was the Harward's you had over, not the Spencer's. Very funny highlights today. I'm tempted to do a hightlights of our day, but I was gone, picked up the kids, gone again, home, took a nap. Made dinner. Not very good highlights. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff!