Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sitting at my desk

If you sit at my desk, like I do all day, you will
ocassionally see this picture which is my desktop
image. I rarely see it because I usually have a million programs pulled up and thus you cannot see a thing. The picture is from when we took the kids to a pleasure garden called "Chanticleer" on the outskirts of philadelphia. Why it's called a pleasure garden and what implications that has, I will not pursue at the moment, but regardless, we had a good time. This photo was taken just moments before a screaming squirrel came charging across the field at Porter and I and ran under our legs and disappeared. It launched me into action as I threw my sketchpad at it out of primal instinct (because i'm sure that's what cavemen did when caught off guard by a hungry sabertooth) and Porter just starred at me kind of like he is in the picture. Yup, i'm a wus.


Anonymous said...

What a SUPER COOL picture! What is the place? Where? Tell us more about it!

Sarah Harward said...

Casey~ If I could write like you I would become a writer and earn us some big bucks!!! I'm glad you guys figured out how you can both contribute to the blog! Fun!!

The Molen's said...

Ok, so "picture perfect" moments are for helping us obtain the true memories of all the events that happen in our lives,that no one actually ever sees.....but you painted a clear picture! I'm laughing out loud!