Thursday, January 10, 2008


So last night I made chicken pot pie for dinner (thank you so much for my cookbook Sarah) and as we're eating Casey says "how about we make mini pecan pies tonight after the kids go to bed". Ever the cynic, I said we only have big (store bought) pie crusts. Then Casey says "we could make pie crust" so once the kids were in bed I whipped out my handy dandy cook book and thanks to Melissa Tates "Foolproof pie crust" recipe we had a success. I must admit I was very skeptical about the crust. I mixed it up and it seemed real wet but it turned out perfectly. Very flaky. And the recipe made so much we're trying pumpkin cup pies tonight!


emily a. said...

You two are hilarious. I LOVE IT! Sounds delicious!

The Molen's said...

Oooh...I may need that pie crust recipe (i'm a fool)

Lindsay said...

Amanda! Hey I just saw your comment on my blog and found your blog. It's so cute. Bennett is a cute baby. He looks a little like Landan. I'll have to add you to my links. We miss Porter and your family too. Birthdays will not be the same this year without you guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you loved the recipe from my grandma. It's the only crust recipe I use. I LOVE your bog layout...very chic! LOL
Oh, and too bad that kid at the park ruined your kids experience. Sometimes you just need to let their parent know, just say "did you know that your child is an abusive brat!?" And maybe then they will get the picture. Just kidding.

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda!
Can you make cute kids or WHAT!!!
Bennett is just beautiful! And your tarts look divine! You're just AMAZING! We hope you're having fun and look forward to seeing you in a few months!