Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keepin up with the Harwards and the Hansens

So a few of you have posted about going Bowling, and after reading Sarahs post Porter was really wanting to go. Yesterday Elaine asked if we wanted to go with them and thinking I'd be a good mom and take the kids out to do something fun I decided to splurge. The kids were so excited to go "balling" , I fed them lunch and we were off. We got to the lanes and all the employees were smoking outside so we had to wait forever to get our shoes and get started. We played a few rounds and then the kids started in with "Mom I'm hungry" "Mom I'm thirsty" "Mom can I play video games" "Mom do you have any money for the candy machine" etc... So I started getting really annoyed (and it was at this point I remembered Leigh's bowling blog- and wanted to storm out of the bowling alley -but we were there with friends so I controlled myself-). Anyway theres $20 bucks I'll never see again.
Also last night I laid the kids down for bed and Porter fell asleep pretty quickly but Maya was being a twerp so I turned on her music and started cleaning the kitchen. Next thing I know Maya comes walking in saying "Mom Bennett was crying so he's going to sleep with me tonight" I walk in here room and sure enough Bennett is in her bed as happy as can be. It was pretty cute but I'm just glad she came and told me. I would have pancked when I went to find the baby if he was missing.


Casey said...

I was hoping you'd put that on here, that Maya thinks she's Mary Poppins or something the way she watches over that kid. Gotta love her though!

Sarah Harward said...

I love that you caught Porter on camera doing Landon's bowling victory dance!!