Sunday, March 14, 2010

Amsterdam + Jet Lag = TIRED!

After a 7 hour flight at 7pm which got delayed until 9pm because of mechanical issues, we finally arrived in Amsterdam at 9:30 sunday morning because of the 5 hour time difference. I couldn't sleep at all on the plane because I couldn't get comfortable and because there were so many movies to pick from. Eamonn and Kim seem pretty excited for the flight.

We took a train to downtown Amsterdam and walked to our Boat where we are staying through out the week. The boat is really nice and we get meals and everything. It's just like a mini-cruise with a lot of work involved. I get to share my room with Laci (pronounced Lotzy) who is my partner for the studio and also has two kids. After a brief nap, we walked out to a project on the docks called Borneo Sporenburg. It was pretty cool. We saw this really cool bridge designed by West 8, a firm here in the netherlands, and some neat buildings. I also saw lots of kids playing in the streets which made me miss my kids. We then walked around through the heart of Amsterdam and saw lots of canals, a windmill, and other more disreputable sites (ie. the redlight district, and many, many, legal smoking bars). I was really tired, so I walked back to the boat a little early and went to take a quick nap before dinner. After dinner, we had group meetings with Pierre Belanger our studio professor and have been working all night. Right now we are sailing to the Island of Dordrecht where our project is focuesd and we'll wake up tomorrow and be up early working and touring the city.


Peggy and Jeff said...

I can't believe you are already there! What are the guys looking at through the brick wall? Get some rest so you don't collapse in the canal!

Amanda said...

Porter says "Dad, take more pictures of the water, cause I like seeing the water."