Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beach day

It's been a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Friday we decided to go to the beach while we waited for Grampy and Hanny's flight to come in. After the beach we stopped at Mc Donalds (Bennett yells "French Fries" every time he sees a Mc Donalds now) for lunch. We've got the kids (and me) hooked on 'Shamrock Shakes' AKA 'Pickle Juice'. Yum. They remind me of when I worked at Wabash (Dad and I would ride together), and anytime there was a barge crossing the river on the way home we would stop at a little shake shack by the river and buy shakes. I'd always get mint. Casey and I continued that tradition after we were married. Anyway...
Yes, we did pass at our own risk. And we liked it too.
"I found a crab foot!"
Little did they know that sticking it in the bucket with their shells and rocks would stink up our car. Part way into the drive they were gagging and saying "get the crab foot out of here!"

We enjoyed all types of activities. Some of us found stuff to chew on, and some of us venture out to throw rocks into the Atlantic.
Nana had the great idea to stop at the dollar store and get shovels and pails. Unfortunately they didn't have any, so we settled on wooden spoons and cleaning buckets. They worked great.

This little beach was full of shells. We had so much fun digging them up. Bennett may look like he's having a grand ol' time here, but he was pretty scared of the waves. For the majority of the stay he sat on the concrete ramp that led down to the beach so he wasn't touching the sand. When he would hear the waves he'd look down at my feet and say "Mom! The big water, gonna wash your shoes!" The water didn't even get half way to me. Silly guy.
They probably could have spent the rest of their lives happily splashing in the surf.

We actually had a rather difficult time finding a SAND beach. Most of the ones we found were large boulder beaches, which are fun, but rendered our spoons and buckets useless. By asking the natives we did eventually find this really tiny beach that totally did the trick. The kids (especially Porter) loved building a castle with a mote and everything. Right before we left he decided to 'plant' a big stick in the center of his castle. What can I say, he's a builder.

One of the bonuses of this beach was that there was even entertainment for Nana and I. There were these two guys sitting there chatting (and since it was a small beach we got to listen in). Our favorite overheard conversation went something like this:
"It don't matter if a girl is (something) or even a whore as long as she takes a shower, don't have any diseases, dresses nice, and has something interesting to talk about, I don't know why you can't make her your girlfriend. I had this lady at work I loved. I just loved her to pieces. And we had an affair in her office, but she was married. I just loved her though. She was a really classy dresser. She wore stockings and stilettos."
Don't fret, the kids were playing over near the homeless woman, so I don't think they heard much of the conversation.
It was a perfect way to kill a day.


Sarah Harward said...

How fun! And thank goodness the Homeless Lady was keeping an eye on the kids and they weren't listening to that dodgy conversation ;) Wish I could have been there!! Love you guys!