Monday, March 15, 2010


So my mom was supposed to get in last night at 10:50, and here we are more than 14 hours later, and she is still not here! "How did this happen?" you might ask...
We had lots of rain, and all the flights into Boston seemed to be backed up, so last night I went to bed thinking she would get into Boston around 1 am and she'd rest there. Then when the kids woke up I could just load them in the car and go pick her up. I woke the kids up bright and early (around 6) thinking we'd beat traffic, only to call and have her tell me she was stuck in Newark N.J. Lots of crying ensued. Argg.
She is however on her way, and after a sleepless night in the Newark N.J. airport, countless delays, 2 skipped doses of seizure meds, a spattering of helpful (but mostly less than helpful) airport personnel, lots of talk about driving down to get her, and even a few tears, we will finally be going to pick her up in about 10 minutes. HOORAY!
At one point she was standing near a group of college students returning to college, and thought about asking to share a rental car with them, but then she started worrying they might start smoking pot (Oh, mom...).
We will be glad when we have here safely away from those dangerous, pot smoking, spring breakers and here with the dangerous, Nana lovin' variety of hooligans.


Elaine said...

Your mom is so cute and funny! I hope you guys have a great time together!

Peggy and Jeff said...