Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rotterdam Free Day

So yesterday was a day totally unscripted! It was wonderful not to have to worry about getting a presentation together or having to present your work to anyone. That was all done by Thursday and that morning we left for Rotterdam on the train. Friday (yesterday) we spent all day walking around seeing the new Rotterdam architecture which was pretty neat since they had to rebuild their entire city after it was leveled by the Germans in WWII. I saw a few things that i'll just highlight for you that I thought was interesting.

I'll have to upload pictures later, I can't seem to find the Dutch buttons for upload.

Well, I found it so here you go.

Some weird Dutch Ducks, not quite sure what they are called.
Apparently you can get Shoarma's in the states and they are roughly the equivalent of Gyro's and were super delicious, but the description left a little to be desired.

This is a huge bicycle parking lot in Rotterdam near the train station. Everyone here bikes and having gone on a few trips with thier bikes, I really want one now. They especially have these cool ones where you can throw the kids in the front bucket.
This was a really cool bridge in Amsterdam. Kinda reminds me of Boston.