Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm just sitting, waiting, wishin...

We are waiting for the designated hour to take Dad to the AIRPORT. Today is the day, he's packing his bags and preparing for a fun (work) filled Spring Break in HOLLAND! Luckily he will be able to publish posts while he is gone, to help us feel like we are there also. He's taking the good camera, so expect some stellar pictures, but until then...

The boys took apart a printer they found in the trash and, after having all the fun they could taking screws out, they decided to pretend it was a go-cart. They had a blast pretending to drive that thing (why do we bother purchasing toys?).
Porter can be such a nice big brother. He loves the little kids so much and is so helpful including them in his activities. Oh, and check out those gloves (another garbage find along with a baseball mitt and ball - they totally reek of cigarette smoke).

I think they won the race.

There is always something to ride around here, even if it is the little brother.

He's a trooper.

So, for now, the kids are watching Peeps World (I love that cartoon), I'm eating biscuits with 'Bunny' or 'Hutter' (my Dad use to mix honey and butter together for our biscuit's and we'd make up funny names for it, the name 'Honey Butter' just didn't cut it in the Porter household), and we are all waiting for several fun events...
  • Dad's trip (we're not happy for him to leave us, but we're excited for him)
  • Porter is giving a talk in church Sunday (one of the perks of having a small primary is you get to participate often)
  • Pi Pie party (some of our friends invited us to a Pi Pie Party Sunday (3-14/3.14 get it?), I'm taking a coconut cream pie, but all week I've been thinking of other pies I want to take also-peanut butter pie, apple pie, chicken pot pie, the possibilities are endless)
  • Nana's coming (she gets here Sunday night, so today I'm going to go stock up on Friendly's Black Raspberry Ice Cream. She's not an ice cream fanatic (I guess I get it from my dad), but when we were in Philly she discovered this ice cream, and we both decided we'd be happy if we could just hook ourselves up to an IV of the stuff. Aside from gorging ourselves on ice cream we'll have organizing, sight seeing, chatting, and kids activities galore to keep us occupied.)
  • Grampy and Hanny coming (they are coming next week, Oh the fun we'll have)
It's always fun to have things to look forward to, and the next few weeks are going to be chalk full of fun for us.


Angela said...

Holland! What the? Oh my. It sounds like you have a fun week plan with nana and grandparents. The kids look cute as always. And Pie Day Can I come?!

Sarah Harward said...

I can't believe you're letting him take the good camera! Remember what happened LAST time he took your nice camera on a trip? When will you ever learn?!?!

I WISH I was coming too!!!

Elaine said...

Oh Amanda, cigerette smelling gloves from the garbage can?! Where can I get me some?

Peggy and Jeff said...

You are right,Amanda, no more toys for these kids I will begin now to scour the garbage cans in the neighborhood! I am dying to know what they will be when they grown up...something otu of teh ordinary I am sure!