Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wha'd you say

Some of the funny things the kids have said over the past 2-3 months (at least the ones I was diligent enough to write down before forgetting). They keep me laughing.

Maya yelled from the bathroom "Porter I just pooped little rabbit poops!"

We have been working on colors with Bennett.

Mom (holding up an orange card) "Bennett, what color is this?"

Bennett "It's (pause), too much dollars"

Porter was chasing Bennett around yelling "Hey, come here you litttle one headed man!"

Porter- "We turned on this hilarious show and it's called Mr. Robbers neighborhood, or something."

Bennett bent down to give Miles a kiss and quickly sat up, looked at me, and said "It 'mells like YUCK!"

We've been trying to wean Bennett off juice (crystal light) so when he asks for juice I say "how about water" then he said "how 'bout juice" and after throwing a fit, he found a juice cup that was almost empty, picked it up and excitedly said "It 'mells like juice!"

I put Miles on Bennett's bike and told the kids to come look, Porter said "Miles I'm proud of you buddy, that's a lot of chub-ness to hold up!"

As I was serving Bennett dinner, he kept grabbing everything on the table. In frustration I said "FOLD YOU ARMS". He quickly folded his arms and said "Heavenly Father, thank thee day, mommy, daddy, walk the dogs..."

After I explained Maya's school assignment to her she said "What do I do again? Sorry, I'm a really good forgetter."

Porter and Maya had collected some treasures while they were playing outside, and when I came home Porter showed me all the treasures. A little while later Maya said "OH Mom guess what I got..." and ran into her room to get her treasures to show me. While she was gone Porter looked at me and said "Be proud, even though you saw it".

Casey was playing Mario Kart with Porter and Maya and I asked him to do something. He said "Yea I'll do it right after I finish mopping the floor with Porter and Maya" and Maya said "I'll help you mop the floor daddy"

Maya: "I love it when my breath smells like Tuna!"

Bennett calls Miles the Splat-o King because Miles spits up a lot. Yesterday he told me (with a worried look on his face) "Mom, Splat-o King splat-o on my face"

Porter was laughing and I said "Porter, you just really love to laugh, don't you?" He said, "Yea, who doesn't love to laugh (brief pause) Stev-o. He doesn't even smile."

While attempting to pop quarter sized bubble wrap, Maya said in frustration after several failed attempts, "My fingers are too teeny to pop these huge things!"

I curled Maya's bangs for church and she said "IT SMELLS LIKE BAKED BAR-B-Q"

Bennett (age 2) was sitting on the counter 'helping' me cook and holding a huge butternut squash, when he proudly said "Mom, Wook at me, I called strong boy!"

Maya singing to herself: "Pluck it, Pluck it, Shave it, Shave it, Wax it!" Someones been listening to the Unibrow Song.

At Christmas time the Porter family chants this little rhyme that goes "Rip it, tear it, rip it like a parrot" when someone is slow about opening a gift. Bennett asked me to open a fruit snack package and as I opened it he said "Open it, tear it mom"

Casey mentioned that he had bought something a K-Mart and Maya blurts out "THERE'S SMART AND THEN THERE'S K-MART SMART"

Bennett (2yr) loves to compliment people. He said: "Mom, nice feeders!" referring to know.

While reading the scripture story of Abraham we talked about how Abraham and Sarah had no children and were sad. Then we got to the part about when they paid tithing to Melchizedek Finally at the end of the story Casey read, "Abraham and Sarah were sad because they had no..." and Maya blurted out "Tithing!"

Bennett wanted a straw for his drink and said "I want my strawberry"

One night when the kids were supposed to be in bed Maya said she didn't feel well and went to the bathroom to 'puke'. I walked by the bathroom and caught her playing in the sink. I said "Maya" (in that disappointed mommy voice) and she looked up and said "What? I'm washing my hands so I don't get everybody sick. Really!"

As we drove past the ocean we said "kid's look, there's the ocean" Maya erupted into tears and said "I don't like to look at the ocean, there are SHARKS" we said "But Maya you like sharks" and she responded "NOT REAL SHARKS, only pictures"

Maya got a candy cane in her stocking and said "It's a candy cane, and if you turn it upside down it's a J for Jesus"

I asked Porter if I could use some of his chap stick and while he was smearing it on my lips he said "Your lips are REALLY stale"

Sarah was singing The 12 days of Christmas with Maya and she would leave out key parts for Maya to fill in. I guess Maya has never heard the song, because she got a lot of them wrong, like when Sarah sang "five golden..." and Maya said "trophies" but the funniest was when Sarah sang "And a partridge in a pear..." and Maya blurted out "ot" (Parrot)


Katy Nelson said...

i love these...LOVE makes me sad that I don't have any porters or mayas of my own running also makes me sad that i've never actaully met maya or any of the boys after her!

Jamie said...

How did your kids get to be SOOOO funny? They've got to be like 10 times funnier than normal kids.

Kathy said...

Love the Rabbitt Poop