Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boston Childrens Museum

Yep, we hit two museums in two days. We just can't get enough. Today's voyage was a little tougher than yesterdays. To start off with it was pouring rain, but surprisingly enough I had an umbrella in the car. Not surprisingly it had been previously broken by one of my children (what a waste of $12.99). We did however find a meter only a block away from the museum, but we were still sopping wet by the time we got there (and Miles was bawling. I guess being subjected to the rainy cold is not a pleasant way to wake up). Parking at the meter is less expensive than parking in the garage, but one of the negative things about meter parking is that by the time I started drying off I had to trudge back out to the car to refill the meter (the things I'll do to save a buck, or 10). We probably could have stayed longer, but there was NO WAY I was going to splosh back to the car unless it was for good, so we ended our trip early with a promise to go back next week (I'm praying for sun).

The kids are always super stoked to get flat pennies. On days we are going somewhere they know has a flat penny machine, I can get them to do just about ANYTHING for 51 cents! Miles and I were happy campers despite being damp.

Bennett loved the Peep and the Big Wide World display. We all actually love it. It's so simply entertaining.

Here is Maya hamming it up with Peep himself.

We spent some time with the Aurthur gang.
And the much anticipated CURIOUS GEORGE! Bennett was in heaven!

This place is awesome because EVERYTHING is so FUN! They have a huge climbing structure in the middle that all the kids love playing on.

The nice thing about the play structure is that (unlike the rest of the museum) you can sit at the bottom and see the only exits. So for the few (blissful) moments that they played here I could rest in peace knowing they were contained. For the duration of the trip I had Miles in the front pack and I was running around like a crazy woman trying to keep track of the other three, who for some reason could NOT stay together. You would think at least two of the three would hang out, but nope they all headed different ways. I DID NOT however hear my name over the loud speaker (although I did loose children several times).

We all got cute admission stamps to show off.

It sure was a lot of fun, but fun can be exhausting!

Maya crashed on the way home,
Bennett crashed on the way home,

but Miles looked like this. You may wonder why the baby was wide awake? It's probably because the whole way home he was facing this...

Don't worry, he got his nap eventually. Not long after arriving home I walked into the living room to find this...

Sweet little lamb


Kathy said...

so So SO CUTE!! I love the pics and I am so happy Bennett finally saw Curious George. Looks like a fun place. You really need me there full time to help keep track of those kids. Love ya.

Nicole said...

Looks like so much fun.

Katy Nelson said...

i LOVE pressed pennies!! i have a collection of about 140!!