Monday, February 8, 2010

Boston Children's Museum

**EDIT** Proof that Miles did NOT stay in his snow suit the whole day (only most of the day)

We went to the Children's Museum Saturday thinking we would get to see the Curious George Exhibit (Bennett is in a Curious George phase) only to find out it didn't open until Sunday. We were a day off. Oh well, I guess we'll have to go again!

Lucky for us there was loads of fun things to do. We had a great time in the construction area where they had safety equipment and REAL Bobcat digger trucks (Bennett pretty much stayed planted in the driver seat of the Bobcat).

There is also this really awesome golf ball room where they have tons of golf balls and all these different contraptions to explore. There is a big funnel that you can drop the balls down and watch them swirl around, and ramps you can shoot them down.

The ball room was fun, but I think Porter and Maya enjoyed the construction room where there was a bridge you could craw across and Daddy would stand under them and push up the bottom of the bridge causing them to bounce all over the place. They LOVED it, and Bennett hated it. He screamed like a little girl.

Lots of different items to build with.

And lots of encouragement from the Foreman.

There is also a Bubble room where you can get crazy with soap, water, and hoops of all sizes.

Way too much fun!

So much to explore, we almost didn't even miss George.

Bennett did point out all the Curious George things dispersed throughout the museum. I think his favorite thing was a huge blow up George that was tied up to the ceiling.


Sarah Harward said...

Poor Miles was probably burning up the whole time! Didn't you take him out of his snow suit at all? Just Kidding! Looks like fun!

Sarah Harward said...

Glad to see that Miles was taken out of the bear suit! Cute little guy!