Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm in love...

Casey came home the other day and told me he'd gotten me a gift. I was pretty excited (who doesn't love a "just because" gift?) and suddenly he pulled out a brand spankin' new camera! It was a canon rebel digital SLR. I looked at the box but couldn't bring myself to open it because I knew we couldn't afford it, but Casey said "just open it, and try it out. If you don't like it we can always take it back." The problem is I LOVE IT, and I STILL CAN'T AFFORD IT. Now I'm conflicted!

I sure am happy to have this little princess in our family. I've never see a sweeter more caring little girl. Yesterday she came into the kitchen with a headless Barbi doll and said "Mom, someone pulled my Barbi's head off" I asked her who did it, and she said she thought it was Porter. Porter then stormed into the kitchen and huffed "I just did it on accident, I didn't know it would come off!" And Maya quickly said "It's ok Bubby, I just wanted to know who did it." She said it in the sweetest voice. She really loves her brothers and is such a peacemaker in our home.

So one of the sad things about being a younger child is that you don't have nearly as many pictures of you around the house, but Bennett LOVES to look through Porter and Maya's grandparent's camp photo albums. He looks through them way more than Porter and May do. I told Casey than next time Snapfish does their 100 free prints promotion I'm just going to get only pictures of Bennett and make him his very own album. (another of my goals is to work on getting more pictures of Bennett and Miles up around the house.)

little monkey

Bennett is really becoming a fun kid. He is so smart and really understands a lot to think he's just barley two. He knows what he wants, and thinks he can do everything the big kids can do, but I like having him around.

Miles is cruising around like a pro. He has such a sweet temperament. He loves to be talked to and laughs freely. I keep thinking he is too little to be crawling around and eating baby food. He's growing up too quickly. I have enough big kids, I need a baby a little longer.

Here's Benny trying to do School work like "Porty, Maya"

Someone in the background is a professional pouter. Maya has always been a little dramatic when it comes to pouting. I don't think words can do it justice, but anytime she pouts, it's like her whole body pouts. Her shoulders hang lower than you would ever think possibles and her lip stick's out so far you'd think she'd have a hard time not tripping over it. She cracks me up!
Check out this grungy little boy. He's got snot, dirt, and cream of wheat all over his face. Good thing he likes taking a bath. (although he always says something that sound's like "People die in bath?" when he gets it. CREEPY)

Look how big this guy is getting. In just 23 more days he'll be 7! I can't believe it. He is such a nice boy and really likes helping people. He is usually very aware of how other people are feeling and is always quick to find a way to brighten my day.

Sometimes a wink can turn gray sky's blue!

As we were getting ready to go to church I suddenly noticed Porter kind of looked like a priest, then I realized it was because he had his white shirt on backwards. When I told him this he said "dad said it was backwards, so I changed it". I laughed and asked Casey if he has told Porter to put his shirt on that way and Casey said "No, his sweater was on backwards. I told him to change it." Instead of just taking the sweater off and turning it around Porter had decided to just pull his arms in and twist the whole ensemble around.

Mister Miles is such a chunker. It's so unlike my other babies, but I just love how squishy he is. His plump little baby hands are so sweet I just want to gobble him up.

I finished reading "These is my words" and really enjoyed it. I've heard there is another book after this one, so maybe I'll look into that. I'm still working on assembling a book group but I'm not sure how it'll work out. Casey is in the process of assembling a Guys Game night. I hope it works out. He needs something fun to look forward to each week.

Look at those cheeks!

You may be wondering how all those poor LEGO guys lost their arms and hands. Porter always takes EVERY SINGLE part of his LEGO's apart. I have repeatedly asked him to leave the arms and hands in place but he just can't seem to control himself. Last summer he had this little canister, about the size of a film canister, and he would carry it around with him. Inside the canister was a LEGO guy, and anytime Porter would get board he'd sit down, pull out his LEGO guy and take him apart (hands, arms, EVERYTHING) and then put it back together, over and over. I'd be sitting at the park talking with the other moms and watching the kids play and there'd be Porter sitting off on the side assembling his LEGO man.

Look at the teamwork going into this project. These two worked for over an hour building a 'ROLLER COASTER'. They were pretty into it. If you ask me it doesn't get any better than watching your children play with blocks for hours on end. There is something irresistible about wooden painted toys. I love them!

And I love this guy. We've toyed with the idea of potty training, and I think he's ready, but I'm not. I just don't think I'm ready to commit myself...we'll see.


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It looks like the camera is doing a nice job. As always, your family looks beautiful, healthy, and happy.