Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yesterday I was thinking to myself, which I tend to do alot, that I am amazed that I have a 7 year old or a 5 year old, or a 2 year old, or even a 6 month old. The responsibilities come crushing down quickly and you realize and catch yourself thinking, "I shouldn't be saying that" or "I shouldn't be watching this" and it's all because you realize that there are 4 little people looking and hanging on your every word and action and forming their morals of what's right and what's wrong based on how I act or the things I say, or the things I listen to or watch. You begin to wonder if the light that you're holding up for them to follow is bright enough, or even lit at all and you pray that you can do just a little bit better so that when those little ones need to rely on their own light, that you have burned bright enough to set them aglow. I'm sorry if this is too metaphorical, but I can't believe that Porter only has one year left till he gets baptized and I feel like he's an amazing kid, but I want the light in his life to be stronger and that means that I have to do better as a Parent, Father, Husband, and Friend.

On a separate note, the kids and Amanda and I are working on a project that involves, a piece of wood, a quart of paint, and about 2,000 little black nails. It should turn out pretty cool, but is a lot more labor intensive than I had really imagined. It's always fun to do things together. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, maybe that's why i'm a Landscape Architect, I love to create. More on that to come if we have enough patience to actually finish it. So far i've spent at least 3 hours hammering!

The Pictures are of Porter and Maya playing on their bunk bed with their little flashlights that they got for christmas.


leigh said...

I really liked this post. I'm always worrying about the same thing, but I would not have though to put it that way. Thanks.

Also - I'm very curious to see your nailing project. It looks cool without the nails too. Maybe you should start an etsy shop? (I can be your first customer)

ginger said...

The nail art is awesome!

emily a. said...

Awesome art project. I hope you share the end result. Amanda, I made your pretzels tonight and they were SO DELICIOUS! Thanks.