Sunday, February 7, 2010

A trip down memory lane...

Before I started this blog I use to keep up a Bebo page. Since we are planning on printing off this blog as a history of our family I had to transfer these stories. These are stories from when Porter and Maya were babies, up until Bennett was born, then we quit Bebo and went to exclusively blogging. Feel free to skip it (it's LONG), but if you have some time to kill you might enjoy some funny stories from the kids, mingled with a lot of information about my attempt at weight watchers, and our struggles with two babies (15 mo. apart).

Wednesday 7-30-08

He's here, He's here, he's actu-ally factu-ally here!!! 261 days ago

There is officially a third child in the Elmer household. Baby Bennett James Elmer was born and Nov. 2 at 2:02 in the morning. He weighed 10 lbs. 5 oz. and was 22 1/2 in long. He's perfect. It always amazes me that you can love another child as much as you love the other ones, and so instantly. There are pictures on caseys bebo page and I'll try to get some up on mine. I've just been letting myself be super lazy, so I haven't gotten much of anything done. Right now the Porter, Maya, and Casey are at church and I keep thinking I should do a quick clean up of the house while Bennett is sleeping but have I done it yet?? NOPE! Oh the other good news is that I'm already down from 230 lbs. to 203 (that may seem like a lot to most of you but i'm amazed) I thought it'd take a lot longer to loose the weight. I am already fitting into some of my old jeans. I LOVE HAVING A 10 POUND BABY!

I'm being induced today272 days ago

and I'm very nervous!

Dumb countdown timer276 days ago

Ok so I knew I was jinxing myself when I put that timer counting down till baby Bennett comes on here but I'm still mad about it. So incase you can't tell there is still no baby. And my mom leaves Thursday! Agghhh what am I going to do? They keep trying to make me walk and all that seems to be doing is swelling my feet.
Porter had his primary program practice today and he did so so well. It's super cute to see him standing up to the microphone to say his part. (I think he was the only kid with his part memorized). He also sings a little duet which is very sweet. They were supposed to have a pizza party after the practice but the girl who went to pick up the pizza's was not the same girl who ordered them so they wouldn't give them to her. (weird) and so they just ran to a store next door and got the kids cupcakes. Well the poor primary president felt so bad she started crying when she had to tell the kids "they wouldn't give us the pizzas" It all worked out well though. We went to Sams and had pizza anyway :) .
Well I just wanted to fill everyone in. Hopefully I'll have some cute new baby pictures to post sooner rather than later.

update287 days ago

Ok so still no baby (I'm holding him in until my mom gets here :) ). I haven't been on bebo for the last few days cause i kept getting this message that said I had to enable cookies to sign onto bebo. I have no idea how to do this so casey tried and even the boy genius couldn't figure it out. Well I restarted our computer today cause it wouldn't log onto the internet at all and voila I fixed it, bebo and all! So anyway I think I pulled a muscle last night running (thanks to the family home evening phantom) and am now basically cripple. I hobble around like a lunatic and feel real self concious about it. Despite the discomfort I think I'm going to try to take the kids to the park this afternoon. It's supposed to be one of the last nice days. I guess we'd better take advantage of it. Well sorry to blabb on and on. I'm beginning to sound like Sarah talking about the year her piano was built (BORING). Just kidding sarah you know I love talking to you!

Free-day296 days ago

Well I was supposed to teach Joyschool today for one of the other moms but my kids are the only ones who were going to be there so we just cancled. Now I have no plans for the day. I really should think of something fun to do to get us out of the house. The kids are laying on my bed watching Pooh's heffalump halloween and I'm tempted to just lay around unshowered and read my book all day. I'm reading a book called Twilight about a girl who's boyfriend is a vampire. Someone told me it's as good as Harry Potter. THey LIED big time. But it's been fun having something to read. We got invited to some friends for dinner last night and they made the mistake of asking me to bring dessert so I made Pumpkin pie. But not just one pie but two, one of mom's recipe and one from a can so we could to a taste test. Then I thought "well maybe I'll make some rice crispie treats also for the kids (yeah right for the kids I was totally planning on eating those too)" For the record Mom's pie won big time. The only person who voted for the can pie was the guys mom who is visiting from Africa. Way to go mom!

I'm dedicating my video to Landon 302 days ago

Landon loves barnyard and likes this song so I put it on my page so I could think about him everytime I get on bebo! I sure miss those guys!

Joy School316 days ago

Ok so today was my first teaching day for joyschool and it went amazingly well. We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and the kids made these little toilet paper roll butterflies, and these butterfly books. They were all well behaved and the topic was fun cause there is lots of cute books about caterpillars and butterflies. Anyway...October is fast approching. We made our first batch of popcorn balls of the season last night. We took some to some friends and when we walked up to the door porter put them on the door step and was all ready. We had to explain to him it wasn't for family home evening fantom but just because.

Counting down324 days ago

So I probably just jinxed myself by making that stupid countdown but I'm getting anxious. I'm living in discomfort and for some reason think it'll be better once the baby is out. Anyway. All is going well here. We are starting preschool tomorrow and the kids are real excited. I'm pretty excited also but we're doing it twice a week this year so I'm a little nervous that I won't be able to plan that much. I'm such a procrastinator. I always put it off till the night before and since it's on Monday and Wednesday this year I can't put it off (at least not the Monday one) cause there's no shopping on Sunday. Anyway I'm not teaching tomorrow so I have two whole hours all to myself. I'm debating as to what I should do with the time, go grocery shopping, go get hairspray (i've been out for days now and look like ringo, nap, find a book to read, the sky's the limit.

Labor Day330 days ago

no I didn't go into labor today (not for lack of wishing it). But we did have a lot of fun. I'm commiting myself to post pictures. We went downtown (riding the bus and train-always and adventure) to a park where we rode a carosel played on the playground and saw the pyramids (you'll understand when you see the picture) We also had icecream cones and found a cute little gray kitten to play with for a while (boy did the kids want to take him home - ok I kind of did too). Then we came home and swam (today is the last day our swimming pool is open -sob sob). And now Porter and Casey are off to the store to get dinner. We're living it up tonight with corn doggers french fries and SODA. Can you believe it?? Hope all your labor days were equally exciting (if not more so).

Porters funny398 days ago

I was sitting her reading everyone bebo stuff and porter came up to me. He had just gotten out of the tub and was wrapped in a towl. He was telling me he was sad because a game piece had broken and I told him "we'll get some glue and fix it" He said "can we go tomorrow?" I said "would you like that?" and he told me "Yeah I want to dress up sweet and nice, like a romance" That kid cracks me up.

What would we do without internet??? 400 days ago

Go into a huge depressed state. I've been so bored and grumpy latly. I'm thrilled that Casey got the internet hooked up last night. Anyway UPDATE... We're in Philly now and it's not near as bad as I thought it'd be. The ward is supper friendly and we've already made some friends. Porter is already going to primary by him self (it only took one week of casey sitting with him - thats a miracle). The kids are loving the pool (I think it's kind of boring because I'm the only young-ish person there but the old people keep me entertained and informed). We found out our baby is going to be a boy and are frantically thinking of names. Now that Brad is gone and no longer throwing out nonsence names it's a little easier ;) My phone line finally got semi fixed yesterday. Yes I've gone this long with no phone (it was tough). Anyway I'm starving so I'm going to go round up some breakfast hope you're all doing well and having a great day!

A few loose ends... 434 days ago

Ok so I took my count down timer off cause not I'm not sure when we'll get to do the ultrasound. I scheduled it for the day we get back but before we get back (miss communication-thats me).
I have three funny stories about maya.
Funny story 1
The other day we walked to the park (not playground) and as we were walking we found Pecans so the kids started collecting them to show daddy. Well later that night we're all sitting around and Jeff heats up a plate of spaghetti and gets it out. Well without us noticing Maya sticks a few pecans (there still in the shell) in the microwave and turns it on. Next thing we know we hear these loud popping noises (like gun fire). Jeff goes over and opens the microwave door and the shells all start popping out at him. It scared us all to death.
Funny story 2
For family home evening last night casey reinacted Lehi's vision and had the kids dress up(wrapping dish towles around their heads) had a broom stick for the rod of Iron and a bucket of water for the river of filthy water. Well we eventually all made it to the tree (where the kids ate fruit rollups) except poppy who was trying to convience the kids to come the other way (to the great and spacious building) with him. He was laughing at them and telling them to come wiht him and they could play with babys and light sabers. The kids just smiled and laughed and after a while Maya (who is pretending to be Sarahi) looks over at Porter (who is pretending to be Nephi) and says "What should we do Nephi?" It was super cute. Then when she didn't get an answer she asked "what should we do daddy?" Dad told her to stay and we all were able to avoid poppy's temptation.
Funny story 3
We bought Maya a book of princess for the plane trip and there are little dresses you can stick on them and move around and stuff. She was playing with it tonight and put a necklace on one of the princesses face (right under her nose) and said "hey guys look at her She's got a beard like bakey beans" We were cracking Up. (for those of you who havent been blessed with the privelage of watching 'Howdy Town' Bakey beans is the bartender who has a big ol handel bar mustash)

By the way we are not able to watch our shows here. (Lost, Heros, Survivor) It stinks. For some reason they save that privelage for people who live in the u.s. If thats not discrimination I don't know what is.

La dee da435 days ago

well I think we're on day 5!! And not a single traffic accident yet. We've had a few misshaps but overall it's been a great vacation. Jeff and Peggy are at the temple this morning so we're just hangin out. We might walk the kids over to the park to play a while. I've got horrible allergies here. At first I thought I was getting pink eye or something because my eyes were so itchy (peggy said a lot of the missionaries have eye problems because the air is so polluted here) but then it finaly dawned on me that it was allergies. so i'm constantly sneezing and snotting and itching. Not to mention the bug bites (which also itch like the dickins - see photos) Casey is the only one who has gotten sick so far and that only lasted a day, but he was pretty miserable. Peggy and I walked the kids over to a park (not a playground) yesterday and let them run a round a bit then we walked a few more blocks to another park (not a playground) and on the way we saw a huge turtle. He's like a pet. They have huge fences guarding their houses and he was kept in the little lawn. He was eating bananas. it was really cool. Sarah Z I'm still working on getting a monkey picture for Lucas but no luck so far. I think we'll be going to the zoo one of these days and that should be my best chance for a monkey pic. Hope you are all doing well. Have a great day. P.S. I'm downloading more pictures as we speak :)

Driving in Peru438 days ago

My father in law, the mission president, bribed a police officer today. Having said that I'll commence with a detailed account of what it's like to drive in Peru. It's absolutley insaine. They honk their horns non stop (not even kidding). They honk as soon as the light turnes red, they honk and wave their hand to tell you their getting over, they honk to see if maybe a walker wants to get a ride etc... Non stop honking. Also their are no rules. Hardly any stop lights (and the ones they have are very difficult to see and sometimes not functional). People tailgate the whole time they are driving because otherwise someone will squeeze in and take their spot. Motorcycles drive on the line (if there were a line) between two cars and swerve all over the place. And just my personal oppinion but Jeff has always been the most agressive driver I know and this has only brought out the worst in him. So we drove out to this little park/pool place and played. It was about an hour away and on the way back my father in law (along with everyone else) ran a red light (supposedley). Well we were in the nicest car on the road and a police car with like 4 police officers pulled us over. We pull off and the office (ok I don't speak spanish so this is what I diciphered of the conversation) said he ran the light and he'd have to keep Jeff's drivers license. He went back to the police car and Jeff quickley takes all the money out of his wallet, gives it to casey and takes 20 sole from my mother in law (thats about $7.00). Then when the officer comes back he gave him the money and the guy just walked away. As we drove off all the officers were laughing like "boo yah" we just ripped that guy off. So thats the excitement so far. I just had to write that. Hope you're all having a great (safe) time.

Peru440 days ago

Well we're finally here!!! It's our first official day in Peru. After a long day of traveling we got a good night sleep and now we're ready to face the day. Porter wants to go see the dolphins (they have a hotel that has actual dolphins in it) and Maya wants to go to the zoo and see the animals. Maya has been walking around the house all day with a strainer pretending to catch butterflies. How fun. The kids are being totally spoiled and loving it. I'll write more as we do more. And I am trying to take pictures so I'll have to try to figure out how to download them onto this computer. Hope you are all haveing a great day. (especially you sarah)

Camping445 days ago

So we had our first family campout this weekend. It was really a lot of fun. We went to a place called Prophetstown. The Harwards and Brad came and we had a blast. The kids were surprisingly good. They even slept well (except Landon and Addie). And I even slept well which was super shocking. I just kept thinking why don't we do this more often??? The place we stayed had like 3 parks and the kids got to play at the park. I'm going to try to get some pictures up soon. I'm actually surprised that Sarah hasn't put hers up yet (she does have visitors so cut her some slack).
I also just watched LOST (I love that stinkin' show). I don't know if I can live every week with this much stress from now till 2010 (thats when the show ends). It's almost too much. Why do I do this to myself??? I LOVE IT!!!!

Sick 447 days ago

and tired
of packing
of itching my nose because the packing stirs up dust
of cramming every day with so much stuff I think I'll go insaine
Of the increasing expense of moving
of not being able to see sarah because i have to get ready to move
of high gass prices (i guess technically it went down .10 but 3.09 is still high)
Of kids who like to pull stuff out of one box (goodwill box) and put it in another box (most important stuff in the world box)
of buying watermellons that are not as good as they should be
ok so there is a small list of grivances(sp) but actually things are going pretty well. Casey is an amazing packer. He really gets down to business, which is good since i had a huge head ach yesterday and was pretty useless. We have been very busy so I havent' been on bebo as much as I would have liked, but I try. I finally saw the new spiderman last night it was pretty good. I had heard a lot of bad reviews (from my brothers) but i thought it was ok. We are going camping this weekend!! We havent gone in a long time. The kids we're always too small so we are excited to be getting out. We do still need to air out our tent (we bought it at goodwill and it smells like cigarette smoke) Maybe I'll go do that now. I ought to make myself usefull somehow.
Quick funny story:
We are trying to get our kids to take a nap and they are being kind of roudy well, casey just went in to check on the and asked maya to lay down and told porter thanks for laying down buddy and porter said (in a real excited tone)"daddy likes me YES!"

I'm making a BEBO announcement... 454 days ago

So most of you probably already know but I thought I'd officially announce it so I can talk about it freely without worrying that someone will be like "oh my gosh I had no idea". SO the announcement is...We're having a baby!!! (I know FINALLY) October 24 is the estimated date of arrivial. And I was going to put some ultrasound pictures on for my In-laws (although they never seem to check -yes peggy that is a reprimand-) Those of you who have been following my medical history on Sarahs page may be wondering "How did this happen" it seems like one little tiny baby asprin a day has done the trick pretty amazing huh? (I don't think its called "baby" asprin because it helps people get pregers, but maybe...) So anyway theres the news, hope you all are having equally great things happening.

Porters bad dream457 days ago

So last night Porter comes into our room crying and saying he had a bad dream. He climbs into bed with us and says "There was a big train with an angry face and I couldn't run" I asked was it like Thomas (We just recently checked out a Thomas the train book from the library) He said "yes but he had a mad face" We said a prayer cuddled and he went to laid still for a while. THen he suddenly out of the blue says "I want a good one (meaning dream) about cherry pie" I don't think the kid has even ever had cherry pie. It cracked me up. THen he asked casey if we could make cherry pie tomorrow and went to sleep. Well this morning he was telling us more about the bad dream and it turns out that "the bad thomas was chasing him and he couldnt run away fast enough. the bad thomas also had lots of cavities in his mouth from eating candy all day and was chasing porter trying to put cavities into his mouth." I though it was hilarious.

Funny story about nose hair... 459 days ago

so I was trying to get my kids to nap today (what WAS i thinking?) and I was laying next to Maya pretending to be asleep. All of a sudden she starts sticking her finger up my nose saying "whats that?" I said hair and she asked why so thinking I'm real smart I said "to keep dust out of our noses." Then I open my eyes and see her sticking her finger up her own nose. She looks at me and says "why i don't have hair in my nose?" I said "you do it's just tiney because your nose is tiney" So I lay there looking at her for a while and notice she finds a hair on her pillow. She then starts trying to shove the hair (from her head) up her nose. It didn't work well so she turned to me and said " Mom will you put this in my nose?" I told her no and she said "I don't want to have a tiney nose" and started crying.

Apprentice462 days ago

so i finished the apprentice last night. I hate donald. we have joyschool here today and i'm still in my jammies. Sarah is really basically doing all the teaching. I'm such a slug. My only responsibility is to come up with a treat and i havent even done that yet. I like to live on the edge. make it up as I go... It's pouring rain today which I'm super bummed about because that means me and the kids inside all day long. I'm dreading it. there already driving me nuts and the day just started. But hey maybe the sun will come out the ground will dry and things will get better. Allrighty sarahs here i better go pretend I'm preparing for joy school.

home alone (t.v. update) 466 days ago

ok so Casey is off on a scout camp out and the kids and i are home alone. Lucky for me the munchkins are in bed so I'm just doing my own thing (which of course consists of watching tv and eating icecream)!!! I've already wathed 2 episodes of 24 (i'm only on season 3 so don't tell me anything about what happens) I am trying to tell myself not to get too far ahead or I'll be all bummed because I'll have nothing to watch while casey catches up. I'll probably watch survivor because sarah keeps pestering me and threatening to tell me what happens. I was thinking the new episode of HEROS came out monday but i think it's actually next monday so just a little more waiting. I watched the last episode of LOST last night. I sure love that show. ok i'll admit it i'm a junkie. Anyone have any good books to recommend?

Painting day469 days ago

so today the big excitement was that we painted sarah's kitchen (pester her to post pictures). It turned out surprisingly well considering we had 4 kids to care for during the process. Lucky for us it was a beautiful day so the kids played outside all day (unlucky for the kids we forgot the sunscrean). So overall I would say it was extreamly productive. Of course there were the typical messes the our kids come up with. Landon pooped his pants (he's pottytraining) and tried to take care of it without adult supervision, and got poop on the carpet. and Maya found a bottle of white craft paint and used it as she would lotion. Needless to say the cute dress she was wearing is probably ruined. The funny thing about that story is (I was gone at the time) so sarah was in the kitchen painting and the kids were gated off from the kitchen. well porter comes running upto the gate saying "sarah maya hase something" sarah says "what" "lotion" he replies. So sarah goes to check on her thinkiing ok lotion no biggie only to discover it is actually paint. To which sarah says "thats not lotion thats paint" and porter shouts disaprovingly "DID YOU LET HER IN THERE?" while pointing to the kitchen. ok i'm having difficulty breathing and am anxious to go downstairs and reward myself with some cookies and cream :) So hopefully that all made sense. Night!

Just a quick note... 475 days ago

ok so I totally feel like I'm just talking to myself. I wish there was some way to tell if people even look at my page. Lucky for you I don't really mind talking to myself so here I go. I feel like I should be a boy with my spider man three obsession but what can I say...I'm excited! Ok so James threw a birthday party for Brad last night and we decided we'd let the kids stay up late so they could go (seeing as they were with us all day while we made cup cake after cup cake we thought it was only fair). So we get there and like before the party even starts Maya pees her pants and we had to leave. Porter was super bummed. Anyway it seemed like a fun party. Ok Mayas asking me to hold her and I just cant resist her cute litte face. I'll write again later. Have a great day!

I'm back557 days ago

ok at least for now. I got on today for the first time in like forever and was astounded by all the changes. Anyway I hope you're all well and I'll try to keep more currant.

This is a quote... 685 days ago

from Maya (she's in her bed and I'm at the computer and I hear...)
cough cough
"i'm coughing mommy"
"I need bowl, i need cough in bowl, i'm sick."
"Mommy, MOmmy, MOMMY"
(at this point I walk into her room)
"Mommy I sick I need bowl I coughing"
"i need medicine, i need drink water"
(I get her a glass of water and she says...)
"i sick mommy i need cough in bowl, I need to go pee, can I lay down and spill water?"
I tell her no she finishes drinking and that's that. NOw she's mumbling her self to sleep.
Aside from that Maya is potty trained!! I cant believe how easy she was. Two days and she's done. She still wears a diaper at night but hey so does porter. Anyways THat girl amazes me. We're all getting ready for our ward party on friday which is going to be a speedway party and we're making a pinewood derby car for it. The kids voted and our car is going to be "sponge bob racecar pants". Not to brag but it should be pretty sweet. ok, i'm tired so i'd like to appoligize that this blogg is so boring. Have a great day!

Criss Cross (book review) 687 days ago

Ok, so I finished this book awhile ago but am just now getting around to writing the review and I give it a whopping two thumbs down. I didn't like it at all and it actually makes me want to say Newbery Schmewbery.
It's about a young girl who wishes for something different to happen (like falling in love) (sounds like a good concept) but it's dull and I just kept making myself read so I could do a book review on it. Anyway if you want to literally kill some time pick it up at your local library. If I owned the book I would refrain from burning it so I could be as kind as Katy and offer to send it out but I don't so I'm not.

I'm dedicating this skin to... 688 days ago

me, sarah, landon, and NOT KATY. It's weird but Katy doesnt' like watermellon. Anyways I like how thye have a heart made of watermellon because I love it so much it's always in my heart :) Yum yum.

So this is pretty cool. 690 days ago

A few weeks ago we found some catapillars out side (6 to be exact) and put them in some jars with the leaves from the plants they were living on. Well after eating and pooping a ton they turned into cacoons. Then two days ago one finally hatched and it was a beautiful butterfly (monarch I think) and then yesterday we had another one hatch. Were not scheduled for another hatching till tomorrow (I think). So I'll keep you posted. I'd also like to thank Sarah for the countless hours she spends on bebo on behalf of all of us. Sarah we love you.

My week with no kids... 698 days ago

Ok, so since I was sick (if you don't know about me being sick read sarahs blog) I got put on bed rest so my mom took my kids to her house for the week. I thought I'd love it but it's actually been very weird. I got a few books from the library so that's been keeping me busy, and I have also been reading David Lettermans top ten list archive, and I even submitted one for publication. We'll see if they use it. The title of the list was "Top ten signs you have a bad job" and my answer was "you co-workers installed hidden cameras in the lunch room and submit the footage to" Anyway it cracked me up. And by the way that is a real website. Check it out. Most of them are stupid but If I could suggest watching two I'd watch the pizza guy who missed out on the biggest pizza party of the year and the little girl stella. THose two ar funny. Well since I havent been doing anything but watching movies and reading I don't really have too much exciting to say. Hope you are all doing well and leave me a comment if you would. I'm beginning to feel like my bebo efforts are in vain because I cant tell if anyone is even checking. Boo hoo poor me...somebody call the waaambulance.

Sarahs blog entery

Okay, so yesterday was Landons Birthday. At frist we decided that we were going to do a Winnie the Pooh birthday party. I printed off all these winnie the pooh pictures for the kids to color and planned on making a winnie the pooh cake and yada yada yada... Well, things didn't quite go as planned yesterday.
To start off with, a couple weeks ago (about 3 1/2 weeks or so) Amanda found out she was pregnant. Since she's had two miscarriages she was going to wait to tell anyone. Well, she told me and my mom (obviously :)) and then a couple days later she started bleeding. She didn't go into the doctor because she had just barely found out she was pregnant and they were leaving for a family reunion the next day. Well, on Thrusday she finally called to make an appointment to see a dr. because she was still bleeding (and the bleeding was getting worse). So she went in and they took her blood then told her to come back on Friday (yesterday) to have an ultrasound. So she went in and they found that she had a ectopic pregnancy, so the baby had attached itself and was growing on her ovary, instead of in the uterus. So she called Casey, who was watching their kids and had brought them over to my house to wish Landon a happy birthday (which he wasn't thinking was very happy because he was wearing his grumpy pants (thanks to katy for that expression)) Anyway, so Casey had to go to the hospital with Amanda so I watched the kids. They were either going to have to do surgery (which would put her chances of having another baby down to only about 30%) or they would have to give her a chemotheropy shot. They ended up giving her the shot which was good. The chemo shot kills off the new cells that are growing and developing which will help her body get rid of the baby that's planted itself on her ovary. Anyway, my mom and dad headed up here when they found out about all of this, and everyone (including Amanda and Casey) were back at my house by about 2:30 or so. So we were trying to decide if we should still do Landon's birthday then or wait until today.
We decided to do it yesterday so we headed out to the store (me and my mother-in-law, and my mom) We ran to Toy's-R-Us to get him a swing for his swingset. They didn't have any, but while we were there we saw a TON of cute backyardagains things. So we changed his party from a pooh party to a backyardagains party (Tacy, I wish you could have come). Then we ran to K-Mart to look the the swing we wanted, they didn't have it. So we went to Once Upon a Child, and they did! Then we had to go to walmart and get balloons and all that party stuff. I decided that in order to save time (because we were short on it) we were just going to do pizza. So we got home and decorated the cake (which I thought turned out really cute, thanks to my mom! She did most of it, but taught me how along the way) and got everything ready. During all of this happening though, Landon, who woke up EXTREMELY grumpy, didn't take a nap ALL DAY! So come 6:00 he was really grumpy so my mom decided to sing to him to calm him down. Well, she was holding him and singing to him and within litterally 2 mins he was asleep! But his party was starting at 6:30!!! Anyway, he then woke up like 15 min later because my mom handed him to Steven and he (meaning Landon of course) was FURIOUS!! He was throwing the biggest fit ever! So steven and my dad took him and Porter and Maya on a ride in Grampy truck. Once they got back he was a lot happier which was good.
We ate the pizza, broke the pinate (which was a basketball pinate because we couldn't find a backyardagains one) and opened the presents. Then the kids played with the sidewalk chalk and bubbles he got. They were a HUGE mess so we put the three of them in the tub. But we forgot to cut the cake. We sang to him and he blew out the candle before we ate, but we never cut the cake. So once they were in the bath I remembered but didn't want to give them cake just after they had washed up. So we never had the cake. We'll have it today. He won't know the difference, I hope. Anyway, that was Landon's very unorganized crazy day of a birthday.
Amanda is feeling fine (as of last night at least) but they said there's a chance she'll feel sick like chemo patients do.

I really am trying to be a respectable beboer705 days ago

but it's been tough this summer. I just cant seem to get in the swing of things. It's like my journal everytime I commit to do better I seem to do worse. Anways... I'm starting a weight loss support group with my neighbor and tonight is our first meeting. Casey is out playing soccer and the kids are being adorable. Did you all hear about how Pluto is no longer a planet?? Well my kids have been chanting "bring back pluto" all evening. It's cracking me up. I've also been reading this book that sarah lent me and I'm the worse book reader because I get obsessed and cant do anything other than reading. So my house is a pig sty and All i can think about is reading. So on that note I think I'll go read. Hope you are all having a great week.

I'M BACK... (part two) 714 days ago

Well once again I'm back from vacation. Yeah! We've been gone for two weeks. We got home and my flowers on my porch were dead and there were spider webs everywhere. (it was like we'd been gone forever) Well we spent the first week in washington for the Elmer family reunion. It was lots of fun and the kids were great. Then we drove back to my moms house and that was like a 38 hour drive!!! But we made it and we're all still alive. It was actually a really fun trip we saw Mt. Rushmore which was like a parallel universe ruled by Harley motorcycles. It was crazy. Then we stayed at moms longer that we had planned but it was so fun we didn't want to leave. I can't tell you how nice it is having a pool. While I was there we canned salsa so Sarah, Christy (my neighbor) and I all canned salsa today. It was pretty time consuming but fun and I'm glad I did it. I think my salsa may be a little too sweet, and not very hot, but that's ok. Anyway thats just a little update although I'm sure I've lost my following and you've all given up checking my page :( Hope you all have a great week!

I'M BACK... 741 days ago

Can you even believe it?? I've been without a computer for so stinkin' long. It's crazy, but I'm back with a vengance. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with everyone. I feel like I'm so far behind i'll never catch up. Things have been pretty hectic here latly. I'm super stressed and in one of those moods where everything seems to be going wrong. (how can I even say that when my kids both took 3 hour naps today?) Logically I know things are ok but emotionally i'm just so negative and grouchy. Anyway enough about my moody funk. Good news...I won Indiana Beach tickets on the raido today. 4 to be exact and for those of you who don't know Indiana Beach is the most white trash redneck amusment park you'll ever see, but it so so fun. We go every year and since we are so poor we wern't going to go this year so I was trying despartley to win tickets. I've seriously been trying for like 3 months. So all my effort finally paid off and Sarah's family and My family are going to have the most hillbilly fun you can cram into a day without actually playing horseshoes :) Well, casey is cleaning up the landing and I'm feeling guilty siting here doing fun stuff so I'd better go help, after I read all the crap on each of your pages. Have a great week.
P.S. Weight watchers....I'm still doing great. I've lost a total of 33 lbs. the last two weeks I havent really lost anything so I'm doing core this week. Hopefully it'll help me bust out of a plataeu. Also SARAH lost a whopping 3 lbs. last week. Can I get a WOO Hah.

Happy 4th of July!!! 757 days ago

On this fine fourth of july I am in Louiville having a blast (except for the fact that Casey is home because he had to work). We're having fun anyway. We went and watched fireworks last night and it was great. I'm sure it'll be even better tonight. We've been doing a lot of swimming. My kids love the pool but there is a waterslide and their a little afraid of that. Weight watchers is canceled tonight but i'm still trying to do well. I have walked everyday (except sunday) and I've also done a lot of swimming. We make up our own water aerobics :) Yesterday my aunt rhonda was the instructor. Then after water aerobics she led a synchronized swimming class. It was hillarious. Especially because brad and james were doing it also. Well i'm going to go see if I can get a walk in today. It's alot harder without casey here to watch the kids. I didn't bring my double stroller so I either have to recruit someone to help push a kid or to watch them here while i'm gone. Hope you all have a great holliday.

Superman762 days ago

ok real quick I lost .6 at W. W. tuesday. Yippie!
Now for what you all really want to hear....Superman was lame! I was disapointed. It was not really much of a story line and the plot was actually very close to the plot of the first one. There was one interesting surprise but THIS girls sticking to smallville :)

my big fat wonderful vacation767 days ago

Well this is the first time I could get to a computer so I though I'd update my blog. Lucky you :) Anyway I have been kicking butt big time. I have worked out everyday and I have written down everything I've eaten. I even called and found out where and when a weight watchers meeting was here and went yesterday. And low and behold I lost 2.4 lbs putting my total weight loss at am incredible 33.2 lbs. I was thrilled.
Vacation has been wonderful so far. We've done tons of fun stuff. I'll do a breif recount so you get an idea of the fun we've been having. We went to Sundance (yes the film festivle place no there was no film festivle) and we did a big hike there. Then we went to the Dino museum and the kids loved that of course. Then we went to a water park-fun. Then we went to the temple twice. Then we went to the setting apart where we got to meet elder hales. Pretty awesome. Anyways it was lots of fun. I'll write more soon. Hope you are all doing well.

OH MY DOODNESS776 days ago

You will never believe what I just did...I won 2 tickets to a special listeners only screening of Superman!!! I'm so stinkin excited I can barely contain myself. I'll tell you what this raido gamming is really quite rewarding. Casey was pretty excited also he said "I provide for the nessessities and you provide the niceties".
I also have a funny story to share. My mom bought the movie chicken little for my kids and they watch it constantly. Well the is one part in the movie where chicken littles dad tells him not to get his hopes up too high, and another part where chicken littles friend is telling him he needs to get closure with his dad. Well last night I was saying bedtime prayers with the kids and Porter wanted to say a prayer with Maya so we all folded our arms and out of no where he says something like "dear heavenly father... bless that we don't get our hopes too high and bless that we get some closure" It was hilarious.

slow and steady777 days ago

Weight watchers tonight was a success. I lost only .2 but I was happy with that. I did really well this week. I kept my tracker (food diary) really well and I stayed within my points so as long as I can continue doing well on vacation I'll have a great loss next week I'm sure. I am a little panicked about vacation. We leave saturday to go to Utah for Family Reunion. It should be a lot of fun I'll just have to be extra aware of what I eat. Hopefully I'll do well though. Gotta go put maya to bed.

MY STELLAR WEEK784 days ago

Yes I actually did it. I lost exactally 3.8 lbs. The exact amount I gained last week. It was not easy but I did it and I'm thrilled. I'm thinking I can get another loss next week and be down a few lbs before the family reunion. Anyway I'm going to keep this short because I'm reading a book my mother in law recommended (the thorn birds) and right now a preist is naked in the rain so I better get back to it :). Hope you are all having a great week.

mid week update787 days ago

ok so last week at weight watchers I was somewhere around 193ish and today I got on the scale and I was 188.5 (of course that was butt naked but still...)Pretty good if I do say so myself. It hasn't been easy I've written everything down and I even went to the movies last night (to see mission impossible 111 It was awesome. I'm still tense from watching the thing) and I passed up movie popcorn. I hardly ever do that. Anyways My stellar week is going pretty well so far. Hope you are all doing well also.

Attention...Attention...can I have all your eyes and ears791 days ago

i had weight watchers tonight and felt obligated to write about it even though I'm totally bummed. I was pretty sure I was going to gain, but when I stepped on the scale and found out I gained a whopping 3.8 lbs. I could have puked. Anyways the meeting went well. I think my weight watcher teacher is pretty good. I talked to her before I weighed in about feeling sad when I get on the scale and see a gain so she used me as an example (without saying my name) and the entire class was spent basically talking about the problems I'm having. Anyways I'm recommiting and if it's at all possissible I'll have that 3.8 lbs off next week. I know it's kind of tacky to blame weight gain on your unmentionable period but I think that could have something to do with it (I know it has something to do with the incredibley annoyable mood i've been in). Ok so now I'm accountable to all of you. I'm guaranteeing I'll do so so good this week so good i'll even title nextweeks blog "My stellar week"
Off the topic of weight watchers...We're all getting sick. I though Maya had pink eye and I'm still now sure but I'm hoping it's not. But she did puke big time tonight while I was gone (lucky me). Casey's had this sore throught thing for a few days now and now mine is starting to feel sickly. But before bed i'm going to take some vitamine C and hopefully it'll end there. I mostly feel bad cause we've had baby Addie around and i would just feel aweful if she'd get sick. Ok, i'm going to help casey clean up the landing. Hope you all have a stellar week :)

i'm becoming my uncle fish... 797 days ago

ok, I won movie tickets on the raido about 3 months ago and then that same day I won passes to a garden show. Well come to find out you can only win once a month. Lucklie i got the movie tickets but not the garden show passes. I tried to use the tickets friday to go see the da vinci code but no luck. You cant use them till a movie has been out for two weeks (so many stipulations). So even with free tickets I had to pay to go see the film. I was pretty bummed. Then I was listening to WASK again the other day and they have this game called Brians Brain Buster Trive (thats how I won my first tickets. The question was "in a recent survey whats the number 1 thing you shouldnt do at a party. I called in and answered 'double dip your chip' and got it right!!!) and the question was where does clark kent work? I called in and answered "the daily planet" to win myself two more movie tickets!! I was pretty excited. The reason I say im like my uncle fish is that he wins stuff on the raido all the time and now that I won those tickets i changed raido stations since I cant win on WASK for another 30 days. I'm currently trying to win Indiana Beach passes from SHINE 99. I was caller 1 today and I was supposed to be #5 so close but yet so far. Ok my kids are chewing on poster putty like gum. I better go. Hope you all have a great day!

A little info on weight watchers... 797 days ago

well I promised now here it is. I lost a whoping 1 lb. last night. I'm thrilled. I have lost 4 in the last month. The nice weather really makes a difference. I'm one of those people who really benifit from exercise. Anyways Brad and James moved in here and Brad has become my walking buddy. We're not too fast but we have fun. We walk a rout here in the neighborhood with the kids (they ride in the jog stroller). It's a 2.1 mile rout and we did it today in a record time of 33.41 minutes. Hold your applause please.

Something new801 days ago

Ok, I don't know why but I keep siting down to write and getting distracted so tonight i'm making myself do it. Nothing too big has happened here but I finally have a quiet second and no one has done anything on my page in a while so I though it deserved some updating. Casey and I went to see the Da Vinci Code yesterday with our friend Shannon and Sarah and Steve (steve's not really a friend but oh well...) It was ok. I was a little disapointed. I loved the book and the movie was just alright. We threw a surprise baby shower for sarah last week. It was hilarious check her blog for details. I'm still trying to finish the book 'confessions of a pagan nun'...boring. I'm having the hardest time finishing it. We had a friend renee over for dinner tonight and casey grilled lemon chicken. It was great and then we had a waterballon toss competition. I was the undisputed champion. We had a huge yardsell in our neighborhood today and we got a twin bed that fits under porters bunk bed so brad can sleep on it, a bike seat so now each of the kids have one so we can really go riding!!! and season one of the Jamie Kenedy Experiment (only $2) so now that the kids are in bed I think I'll go get in some of my tv time. Hope you all have a great week and a wonderful night.

Maya's Birthday808 days ago

It's finally baby is two. I still can't believe it. Can I still call her baby? Anyway...we had a ladybug party and it turned out real cute. When we woke up this morning it was kind of rainy but we've been wanting to take our bikes out so we got them all road ready and took the kids out on one of the trails. Porter did super well on his tricycle, i'm amazed at how strong he is. Maya rode in the baby seat and loved it. Then Nana and Grampy came and got Maya and took her shopping for her present. They were gone till about 4:30 when the party was about to start. She had a blast spending the day with them. We had hot dogs, chips, salsa, veggies and dip, and fruit salad for dinner, the Maya got to open her presents. She got (I'll preface this by admiting she's spoiled) a beautiful purple sun dress, sandles, a cute "big girl" shirt, and the game elefun from grammy and poppy. Then from sarah and steve and landon she got ladybug sunglasses, gum (she's obsessed with gum) and her very own thing of lotion to put in her purse (she also loves putting lotion on). From Casey she got a pink superman towl, gum (like I said obsessed), and a NEW SWINGSET. I think I'm more excited about the swingset than she is. And from Nana and Grampy she got a play house, the kind you put in the yard and it has a little sink, stove, doorbell, mail box etc... She LOVED it. She barely left the thing. I had to bribe her to get out of it tonight to get in bed. After the presents we played elefun, which all the kids loved even Landon who didn't realize he could do it himself. He kept sitting on my lap and putting his hand in mine so I could help him. One time he started to catch the butterflies on his own but suddenly realized I wasnt helping so he backed up and sat on my lap. (it was cute) After elefun we sang and blew out the candles on the cakes. Yes she had two cakes. I made her a cute lady bug cake and Brad got her a cake that had yellow roses on it and said "happy birthday Moo-moo." So we ate cake and ice cream but ther was a ton left over so I'm going to have to find someone to eat it other than me (I think I'll give it to my sunday school class tomorrow). We all had a great time and tonight (Casey is lucky enough to still be having a good time building the swingset in the yard. It's 10:00) after it was all over porter said "I had a good time at maya's party mom"

poop house814 days ago

ok so the water from the flood got into our carpet pad and will not dry. We've tried everything but the whole house smells like poop. It's disgusting and aweful. I've had it with the whole stink and if it wern't sunday I would personally rip the whole thing up bleach the concreat and live with that untill we can figure out a way to pay for new carpet. The worst part is (well the worst part is that our carpet is ruined and our house smells like poop) ok, so maybe the second worst thing is that we decided to have a fiesta for cinco de mayo and invited our friends. Then the morning of the party I woke up and realized the house stunk. My mom rented a carpet cleaned and we worked on the carpet all day. We thought we fixed it but once everyone got here for the fiesta and we turned the fans off we discovered it wasn't even close. So the whole night everyone was saying "I smell Poop" So now we're going to be known as the stinky family. Hopefully we get it fixed before the kids start school or the'll be the stinky kids :(

You wont believe what I've been going through... 818 days ago

I know a song that says something like "this is the kind of song that makes people glad to be where ever they are with whomever the're there with"
Ok so let me just expound on the encredibly messy day I've had. First I was cleaning the kitchen which is always in some state of havoc, and I decided I should probably start dinner. I had a new bread recipe I wanted to try so I got busy making that. Then as I finish cutting up the veggies for the soup I hear Casey say "OH MY GOSH" I look over and see that my children have gotten into the pantry and pulled out a bottle of syrup. Of course the story doesn't end there they opened the bottle and poured it all through my living room carpet and all over the edge of the kitchen lanolium and were licking it up. AGGHHHH Casey whips out the camera and I'm like seething wanting to rip my hair out. So anyway we get that cleaned up have dinner then casey flushed the toilet and then brad flushed right after him well suddenly water comes pouring out all over the kitchen floor. Well we get that cleaned up and decide to not use that bathroom till we get it fixed (smart of us huh?) well casey wakes up thismorning and showers then he walkes downstairs and finds that the entire kitchen and livingroon is soaking wet. Anyways mr rooter comes and kindly discovers the problem which believe it or not was not caused by my children. It was a massive amount of spaghetti noodles that Sarah burned while cooking sunday dinner (yes she is that bad at cooking). Anyway 300 buck later we are able to use our toilets and showers and sinks. BUT the story doesn't end there. Casey had to go take a final tonight and I was napping so he came and told me he had to go. I got up followed him down stairs and the kids had gotten into the bread I make and tore the entire loaf up into tiny pieces and threw it all around the living room. I'm not even exagerating...this is my life.

Finals week... 819 days ago

Well...the play went well and now it's over. It's a bit of a relief but i'm also a little sad cause I now have one less activity to look forward to. I guess I just need to find something else to get involved in. Casey has finals this week so his schedule is all off, but we got to spend most of yesterday with him. We now have Brad and (sometimes) James living here with us. The kids love having them here, Porter especially loves sharing his room with unkey Brad. We had my Grandma and Grandpa Porter come visit last week and that was tons of fun. We don't really get to see them very often. I took pictures but haven't downloaded them yet. I invited Grandma to join bebo so hopefully I'll have a new friend soon. Ok, real quick here's my funny kids story. Maya is exactally like Elmyra (the girl from tiney toons who loves animals to death). Porter always pretends to be a cat and Maya runs after him yelling "Titty, Titty, Titty" and when she catches him she hugs him around the neck still yelling "titty" and won't let go. I pitty poor hobbs who is coming to live with us in a month. At least he's had mal. to toughen him up :)

Buritos and Banditos824 days ago

Yikes...tonight is the opening night of the play! I don't know if I wrote about the play or not but I'm in a play. I'm Senorita Bonita (I'm hoping to post some pics. soon). Anyway we did a dress rehersal last night for the youth in our ward and it went really well but I was so stinking nervous. I can only imagin it'll be worse with adults. I just hope I'll be able to stay in character. Well that's pretty much the only news I've got. Now i'm going to go wash my ginormous latin hair do out. Talk to you all later.

Thunder over Louisville828 days ago

WOW...The kids and I just got back from thunder over louisville, which for those of you who are uneducated in the louisville traditions is the biggest fireworks in the world!!! It was amazing. They also have all these fair type places set up all along the river, and a pretty darn cool air show. Durring the air show they had a helicopter flying over the river and it came down real low and the wind from the prepellor (casey just told me how to spell that but he's in the other room so hopefully I heard him right) blew water all over the people sitting by the river. Pretty cool huh? Anyways we were lucky because my dad is living in a condo right on the river so we watched the whole thing from the comfort of his balcony. The fireworks were really amazing. They had two barges, one on each side of this bridge, and they had identical firework shows going from each barge, and fireworks going from all along the bridge. The only disapointment was that casey couldn't come. He had a project he had to work on, which is too bad cause he would have loved it. I got real bad sunburned but somehow I was the only one even though we were all together the whole time. Figure that one out. We had a real good time but we're happy to be back home with casey.

holy cow... 839 days ago

emphasis on the cow. I didn't even want to write about this but then i started feeling guilty cause i write and brag about all my successes, but last night was far from a success. I gained, are you sitting down? A whopping 6.2 pounds. Can you believe it? I would not have believed it was possible. How I managed to gain 6.2 in one week when i thought i was making fairly good choices still baffles me.
on the brighter side i am done with Porters easter party. I had planned this way cute outdoors party and woke up this morning to hail and rain. I was super stressed, but it all worked out. I moved everything inside and rearanged the furniture so we had room to play and although my house is a mess and my carpet has jelly beans ground into it, i think the party was an overall success. I took pictures and will probably poast them if casey will help me. so there's my day. Now i have spa night to look forward to . Only two more days. I didn't get my cute tea bag invitations done, but it'll still be fun. Hope you all have a great week. And i'm issuing a challenge....If anyone can beat my 6.2/week gain I'll throw them the easter party of their lives (rain or shine).

royaly ticked841 days ago

ok, i realize my blog space is a little obsessed with weight watchers but I'm fuming mad today because i'm going to be up like 5 lbs. and i really don't deserve it. I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles. I wonder if there are laws against weighing in in the buff? On the bright side the weather has been GREAT. We played outside all day yesterday. Maya even has a little color on her cheeks. Casey and I worked in the yard last night digging a strip wide enough that the kids can sit in their waggon and roll down it like a rollercoaster. It was hard but we still don't have all the kinks worked out yet. We were going to pave the track with this left over lumber, but I don't think thats going to work. We'll see. If we can get it to work it'll be pretty sweet. Other good news is that i'm getting my hair cut (which is despertley needed) today. Yippie.

p.s. we have this little video camera that is hooked up to our computer (thanks to jeff on both accounts) but it's like this little alien that is watching me all the time and it's actually making me kind of paranoid that "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING"

update847 days ago

ok so last night at w.w. i lost 5.8 boo yah (or however you spell that). Anyways I am pumped. I got another 5 lb. star so that puts my total up to 33.5ish. yeah for me :)

the flu847 days ago

ok, so i have weight watchers tonight and i'm so so totally stoked because i got the flu this week. (I think a close to 6 lb. loss justifies the use of words like stoked.) Anyway I won't know till tonight but i think i will be close to 6 lb.'s down. Other than that we are basically doing the same ol thing. Porter got a new bunk bed and absolutley loves it (yeah mom I know you should never love somehing that cant love you back). Anyways he is always wanting to show everyone his new "bonk" bed. And maya is cute as always. The other day we were driving in the car and casey and porter started sing "I'm on fire and now i think i'm ready to bust a move, check it out i'm rockin' steady to the beat in my head" then they stopped and maya suddenly starts singing in here real dainty little voice " jingle bells, jingle bells" It was real cute. Anyways I don't want to overwhealm you all with the length of my blog so i'll just keep it at this for today.

can i get a LOOK LOOK? 854 days ago

ok just a little update... ww was a success i lost 3 lbs and got my 5 lb star that puts me at a total loss of 27.4 lbs yippie

the big weigh in... 854 days ago

well it's about an hour before weight watchers and i'm so excited i can hardly wait. two weeks ago i got my 10 percent goal then last week i got a 5 lb star and this week i should get another 5 lb star. whose the bomb? i'm the bomb. anyways i'm pretty excited. casey is at school working on a project for a lady in louiville that he has to mail her tonight so i even had to get a babysitter for the kids so i could go to weight watchers. am i pathetic or what
well things here are going pretty well maya has a real bad cough and i'm still waiting to here if angela is pregnant or just bluffing, maybe i'll call her yeah i think i'll do that right now. everyone have fun at confrence this weekend. bye

the kids are napping... 860 days ago

and i have a little free time. we just had joy school here so i spent last night preparing a dr seuss lesson for porter maya and their joyschool pals. over all the lesson went really well. i also had weight watchers last night i lost 1.4 lbs. i was pretty excited that puts my total at 24.6 yeah for me. i got my 10% goal finally two weeks ago and this week i got a 5 lb star {i should get another one next week if i do well} anyway enough about weight watchers...
i had a spa night last weekend. it was tons of fun since casey is in the young mens and has to go on camp outs every month i've decided to do girls nights. the first one was just a movie night but the last two have been spa nights where we do nail, facials etc. it's tons of fun, and today one of the girls i invited to spa night invited me and casey to a couples retreat she's having at her house i'm totally excited. i'm supposed to bring an appitizer and i need suggestions so if any of you know of any great appitizers let me know.

a quick update... 882 days ago

well we had the birthday party of the century. at least porter thought so. his birthday is all i've heard about for the past month. "mom" "what porter" "my birfdays commin up". he's been so excited so we had a huge party in the theme of curious george/monkeys. it actually turned out successful which is saying something considering we invited ten kids (plus family) so it was a mad house but with games like pin the bannana on the monkey (funny moment when a kid pined the banana you know where) bannana toss, duck duck goose, animal relay races, and pinata everyone seemed to have fun. i'm working on getting some pic's posted but i'm a little clueless when it comes to stuff like that. even now that the party is over he keeps telling me his birthday is comming up. i dont' think he realizes how long of a wait he's in for. now i'm excited to start planning little maya's party. anyways hope you are all doing well please post something on my site so i can know if anyone is even reading these.

39 days since i last got on here... 889 days ago

well it's been busy around here. but i'm ready to clear out all the old and bring in the new. We've been doing a whole lot of nothing. we are having the missionaries over for dinner tonight. porter is doing joy school now and he loves it so much i don't thing maya knows what to do when it's jsut the two of us, but we're getting use to each other. For those of you who don't know i went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and they couldnt find the babys heart beat so i had an ultrasound which showed that the baby had stoped growing at about 7 weeks. to make a long story short i had to have a d&c but i'm feeling much better now. so no elmer baby number three quite yet. we had our internet disconected (i hate aol) so I'm going to try to do better writing on here but who knows. I'm not the most reliable of interneters...

lets keep it fresh. 928 days ago

ok, so christmas and new years have come and gone. i went on a cruise and came back with exactly the same pasty white skin i left with, but had a blast none the less. now i'm trying to get my insane child to take a stinkin nap. sounds like a pretty simple task doesnt it. oh boy do i wish they came with off swithces. anyway, not much going on here, we're just trying to recover from vacation. from the looks of everyones bebo pages you are all doing the same.

christmas break950 days ago

so we're all in spokane for christmas, and everything is going well, mostly. i got real sick and spent and entire day puking and sleeping. the sleeping part was not too bad but i could have done without the vomiting. we've been lucky that the kids havent gotten sick yet, but i guess there's still time. we hope you are all having a great break and i just wanted to tell james and hannah congrats on making it to the last day of school. we miss you all and cant wait to see you. im going to try to get casey to post some pictures of the kids soon, but oh i forgot to mention he had to have his toe nail cut off so hes in a bit of pain also right now. he's kind of hobbling around. never a dull moment at the elmers. love you all bunches.

another day another dollar.... 958 days ago

where's my dollar? we gave porter a haircut tonight, it looks awful, but he's horrible. he hates haircuts so so so so much. i don't know what his deal is, but i hope he grows out of it. someone told me the other day that age three is worse than the 'terrible twos', i had hoped she was lying, but i'm starting to believe it's true. i really don't have much to complain about, my kids are healthy, and sometimes happy, and in just a few short minutes the'll both be in bed. (imagine the hallelujah chorus)

SNOW963 days ago

well, we got brad from the airport safe and sound. it took us 2 and a half hours to get him home from the airport (a drive that normally takes an hour). because of the snow storm, but we're here and happy. we did get a massive amount of snow. casey shoveled his way into heaven by shoveling three driveway's yesterday and his back is hurting him now. the kids played in the snow quite a bit but it's really not worth it cause it takes them longer to get ready to go out than it takes them to get cold and want to come back in. they did love it though. we got some real cute pics. i think casey will probably post them on his site.

B-RAD'S COMMIN' HOME TODAY... 964 days ago

can you believe it? we've been waiting for this day for-ev-er... and now it's finally here. the fifteen passenger van is reserved, the kids know their lines (Porter assures us he is going to say "hi dude" to unky brad), and now comes the tedious task of waiting for the appointed hour, and the uncertainty that comes with unexpected snow storms. I was voting for leaving early and heading straight for Dallas that way if there were problems with the snow we'd have all 12 of us (3 of which are babies and one of which is potty training) safe in the van and we'd get a little minni luxury vacation. but for some reason i got out voted. imagine that.