Thursday, February 18, 2010

We got company, and they brought SNOW!

My great friend Elaine and her girls came to visit this week. They came Monday and we convinced them to stay till today. It was a great visit, and while they were here Cambridge finally got the snow they've been promising us. It was BEAUTIFUL!
Trees covered in snow are so perfect. We were lucky to have snow and sun, so the kids got to play a LOT!

Here is Thula, Porter, Bennett, and Cheesy Maya! They had so much fun together. It was just like old times, as if they had never been separated.

They really loved being together.

There was snow ball throwing

Snow ball making

Hiding from snow balls in the trees

Sneak attacks

Snow man rolling

Snow man transporting

Snow man assembling

Plenty of snow gazing

Some snow eating

Some kids even had the nerve to try throwing snowballs at the camera woman

So as a punishment I made them pose for pictures (Bennett seemed the most affected by this horrendous punishment)

Being the kind mother that I am, I let Bennett off easy and made the big kids endure more.

Ok, Elaine was supposed to be making funny faces also (obviously she has problems with being bossed around) Even though she lacks when it comes to obeying orders, she's a pretty amazing friend. I got a migraine today (I haven't had one for a while) and she watched all the kids and cleaned the front room while I dozed away the last precious hours of our visit. She's super!

Here are Miles and Lela getting to know each other (they better make good use of this time because I'm hoping for wedding bells)

We had such a great time together, but I can be too sad because they promise to come back real soon. There was a lot of craziness, eating, playing, dressing up, watching movies, playing DS, and more eating - I wish it would have lasted FOREVER!


Elaine said...

Love,love,love the pictures it brings back all the good times, EXCEPT for the picture of me looking like I'm from Grand Junction CO or Intercourse PA or something...anyways...we had such a great time with you guys and feel so lucky that you let us be your friends and come visit you!

emily a. said...

How fun! It's the best when good friends come to visit.