Saturday, February 13, 2010

Memorable Moments (from this past week)

Agent Gorgonzola didn't want to be left out of the action

While cooking with Bennett, this week, I bent down to help Maya with something, and when I looked up I saw that Benny had nudged my recipe into the burner and it had caught fire. I grabbed it and stuck it under the faucet (woo, close call). Sure scared Maya to death!

This guy decided to sprout two big beaver teeth. He was pretty fussy about the whole thing, but now that they are both through he seems to be his normal content self. What a little Dream Baby!

Each semester Casey has what is called a 'Studio Option' where he works tirelessly on a project in some area of the world. The area can be ANYWHERE. The students are given the options and then they select which ones they want in order of most to least, then the faculty lottery off the positions (I should have had Case explain that-hopefully it makes sense). Anyway, last semester Casey got his second to last choice which was Washington DC. So all semester they worked on the project. Part of the requirement is going to your area to present. Well this semester Casey's studio option is in the NETHERLANDS (his second choice, his first was Haiti)!!! Yep he's going to Holland for spring break. WATCH OUT TULIPS HERE HE COMES. It's pretty exciting, but it's a lot of work. Casey went to school Tuesday worked all day and didn't get home until 12:30, then he went back to school bright and early Wednesday and we didn't see him again until Thursday around 7:30. So after pulling a double all nighter, he skipped his field trip to NYC Friday, and stayed home with us. He was great company (after catching up on some of that lost sleep).

Life is never more fun than it is when DAD is home!

Miles is getting so big. Sometimes we forget how big his is. I went to the storage unit to get Bennett's bike for him and when I came back up I heard Miles fussing. I started looking around trying to find him and when I found him he was dangling from the edge of my bed! I ran as fast as I could, but didn't get there in time. He landed right on his sweet little baby head. One of the kids (I won't say which) had put him on the bed while I was down stairs and left him there (forgetting he can get around now). Miles also got a hold of a P.B. and J sandwich the other day. He was chowing down and lovin' it. Unfortunately I had to take it away (babies aren't supposed to eat peanut butter).

Maya decided to wear Porter's clothes a few days this week. It was so so cute. There is something adorable about a little tomboy. Especially one with a head full of curly locks.

Casey challenged Porter to make a pair of glasses out of Lego's. All I can say is "Mission Complete"

There is nothing more soothing to a teething baby that fingers. I'm just glad when it's his fingers rather than mine. He seems to be a bit more gentle.

Bennett is really into Curious George. This week he came up to me, handed me his Curious George (that use to be Porter's) and said "Hold my baby mom"


Sarah Harward said...

Super cute pictures! Thank goodness for that new camera!!

Searls Stuff said...

Your family is beautiful, but you need to take up the challenge a friend of Leslie's accepted. She was challenged to put 1 picture of herself on her blog each week. She has done a great job of it. I can always tell when her picture is up because her posts are "Week 1" etc. I think I have forgotten what you and Sarah look like!

Kathy said...

Great pictures and great blog this week. Okay, Porter is a LEGO genius, Maya is a cutie pie (although I think she is cuter in little dresses than in boy clothes), Bennett IS Curious George (I can see it in his eyes), and Miles is getting so big, hair is so long, how can that happen in just a month. Cute teeth Miles