Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's something about Sundays

Yes we usually get a late start and run kicking and screaming out the door, but there is something wonderful about being at church. I love how I've been a member of this church my whole life and I can still sit in a class and feel so amazed and blessed by the gospel. I'm grateful for the chance to start over, and begin the week refreshed, enlightened, inspired and refocused. I know the things that are expected of me and I know they are within my capability. Our ward here is really great (I'm the building scheduler, so I get to go to all my meetings and just enjoy!). Today we had a few men from the Stake setting in the front of the Chapel with our Bishopric and Maya asked Casey "Why are all the Judges up there?" That girl cracks me up. She is in a bit of a Goofy phase where she goes crazy over the clock in her classroom, eats paper, and does all kinds of other silly things in class. I keep trying to explain to her how much work her teachers put into their lessons, and she feels sorry, but she just can't contain herself. One of these days she will be asked to teach a class full of wild children and I'll say "You're payin' for your raisin' girl".

After church the kids played well together and Maya and I made Pumpkin Pies. We had another couple from church over, and Casey's cousin Annie (I sure like that girl). We have been trying to have people over every Sunday and I've really enjoyed it. I think if I did a little more menu planning it would be even better. Dinner was great, even though I found out we didn't have any potatoes for mashed potatoes right before our guests got here (menu planning?), but we made an extra big salad and called it good. I always enjoy getting to know people better, and we have a lot of really great families in our ward. The only problem is that once we have someone over I just want to keep having them over again and again. It's hard to tell myself to keep inviting new people. Annie is really fun to have over. She is always so sweet with the kids, helps clear the table, compliments my cooking (even though I know her mom is a super cook), sneaks in and washes dishes, tells us all the exciting things going on in the world of singles, and even volunteered to watch our kids so Casey and I can go out this Saturday. It's funny because I left church today committed to try harder to bless the lives of others, but instead I just keep feeling like my life is so blessed by the people I come into contact with.


Chris and Sarah said...

Way to score a free sitter!

Kayli said...

Good post. Hazel's primary teachers often told me that she ate paper. Sometimes the whole handout. She's weird. I think that the paper-eating is in remission at this point, I hope.