Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Day

I FINALLY made the kids these Tarzan skirts that they LOVED playing with at my sister Sarah's house. A few years ago her family were the Flintstones for Halloween, so being the crafty momma that she is she made a Bam Bam skirt for Landon. While we were there over Christmas Porter loved that thing (he even wore it under his jeans, pajamas, and every second in between). So Sarah gave me her extra fabric, and tonight I got out the sewing machine and got to work.

Even Benny got a "kirt". I may have made his a little too short, but he didn't seem to mind.
They wore them "LOUD and Proud"
I promise, he WANTED to wear it.

Just like he wanted to wear this bright pink cape all evening. Gotta love that kid.

Another favorite after dinner activity is playing Mario Kart. Not the video game, but the interactive game where they tip Bennett's bike over and take turn humming the theme music, tossing bombs, and peddling as fast as the arms can pedal.

Oh, it's so much fun! Just looks at those faces, even Miles wants to get in on this action.

We did a little school work today. Bennett is always dying to get involved in the school work. Sometimes he sneaks his little grubby hands in. If only the big kids were as enthusiastic about doing school work.

So maybe they are enthusiastic sometimes. Here is Maya working on her hundreds chart (counting by tens). She organized the numbers 10-100 (skip counting by 10's) then she put the correct number of items above each number. Today she did 60 popcorn kernels and 50 stars (she learned how to draw a star!). Only tomorrow will tell what she'll add next.

You can just see the creative juices flowing.

and the glue flowing

Story time with Maya, all the kids were super excited to read this book about spiders. Porter decided he knows how a spider spins it's web "IT GOES IN A CLOCKWISE PATTERN". He was pretty excited about that discovery.

And Bennett decided that maybe if he dressed himself I'd take him to the park. He walked up to me like this and said "I go to park mommy?" Sorry big guy but a coat, one shoe, and a diaper isn't going to cut it. Especially not with the constant rain we've been getting today.

A little personal hygiene goes a long way. Aunt Nicole would be proud.

Just ignore the Halloween shirt and check out this cute baby. I can't get enough of him!

Here are Porter and Maya, hard at work growing teeth. Maya wanted a picture of their new teeth, and after pulling Porters lip up, she said "WOW, your tooth is HUGE! how come mine is only small?"
Now off to plan for tomorrow...PORTER'S 7TH BIRTHDAY!!!


Kathy said...

Love the updates. You are a great mom, don't let that doctor fool you. She probably could only have one child and it was a brat so she is envious. I love you

Elaine said...

I agree with your mom. I miss you guys and all your rowdy fun. Happy Birthday to Porter.

Searls Stuff said...

The kids look just like the characters in the Mario picture! Too cute! Have a fun with the birthday celebration!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Porter! And yes I am so pround of the teeth brushing. I can't believe how much hair Miles has now, he is such a little man

emily a. said...

I'm dying by the Tarzan pictures. Hilarious!