Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess What Time it is...

...Time for another doctors visit. Miles had an appointment today and had to get two shots, one in each of his chubby baby thighs. The first one didn't even phase him, but enough is enough, he did whine a bit after the second one. I guess when you are the fourth, you gotta be tough. Our Pediatrician here is pretty interesting. I think she is a really nice lady, and I feel like we get along pretty well, but every time I go, I leave feeling like 'Am I really the only person that feeds their children JUNK?' At our last appointment she was appalled that I let Bennett have juice, soda, or candy once a day. She believes that we should never buy juice or soda (and telling her I only buy diet soda did nothing for my case), and candy is only for birthday parties or trick or treat. So I left feeling like 'OK, I'm going to do better', and I think we have (although I didn't dare tell her I feed Miles Gerber baby food (and skittles J/K) instead of making my own, as she suggested).

Then today aside from once again asking if I was feeding Miles baby food I prepared (to which I just nodded wide eyed like, 'yeah, doesn't everyone') she said I shouldn't use salt in my cooking (she thinks I should use pepper (I hate pepper) or lemon juice????) So now I'm contemplating how to decrease our salt intake. I think I am going to take a slightly more gradual approach, but something is better than nothing right?

I use to always leave the doctors office feeling great about myself, we don't smoke or drink, our children are not in day care, Casey and are are married, we are both college graduates, our children are (mostly) well behaved, but this doctor just went and raised the bar on me, none of my redeeming qualities matter and now I'm struggling to impress her (we'll see if I succeed).

Bennett went from looking like he does in the first picture, to looking like he does in the second. He came up to me and proudly announced "Momma, wook, I 'pike my hair" (yes there are thick, visible, clumps of styling product in his hair) He thought he was lookin' good.
For some reason our phone isn't working today, I can't figure it out, so obviously I'll just have to wait for my hero to come home and save me from a life cut off from the world (world = Mom and Sarah). Well I hear Miles, I guess my time is up.


Kayli said...

world=Mom and Sarah

p.s. Bennett looks *EXACTLY* like Casey in that picture--I'm serious!!

Searls Stuff said...

I think Leslie is crazy for spending as much time as she does making all of Sophie's baby food! Your babies are precious and I think you are probably a fantastic mom.

Sarah Harward said...

I think you need to do some research and see if your Dr. is related to that quack Brother Craig (the weird al look alike who taught our stress managment class in college). She sounds a bit wacko! And I'm glad to hear your phone isn't working because I was starting to wonder if you were screening my phone calls! Hopefully I'll talk to you tomorrow after preschool! Love you!