Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

We had an eventful Valentines day. We had planned to make 'poppy pancakes' for breakfast (a V-day tradition), but having 9:00 church put a damper on that plan. We woke up at 8 rushed out the door and spent the next three hours enjoying church. I love going to church when I'm not responsible for any part of the meeting. There is something wonderful about going and being blessed by the hard work and preparation of others. After church Casey and I each got naps, and the kids played well together - Aaaahhh tranquility! Then we had the missionaries, our neighbor Brian, and Casey's cousin Annie over for dinner. Dinner was great, we had spaghetti, salad and bread (that I accidentally over cooked). Casey made everyone GIANT Hershey's kisses (he filled a funnel with rice krispy treats and wrapped them in foil)! And Annie brought the cutest little valentines treats.

As if that wasn't enough my sweet hubby stayed home with the kids all day yesterday so I could first go to a meeting for church, but second (and slightly more exciting) I went shopping for new church shoes. Both pairs of my black church shoes are broken (one of them Hanny gave me and the seem was popped when I got them, but the other pair just broke a few weeks ago), so I was in desperate need. I meandered through the mall for darn close to 4 hours! It was so nice and I sure felt fancy wearing my new shoes to church today, now if only I could get a few new church outfits...

So...Happy Valentines Day from my Valentine (and his surprised face) and me (and my macho face)
*This picture is mostly for my Aunt Gwen-I don't want her to forget what I look like:)


Sarah Harward said...

I want to see pictures of your new shoes!! Your valentines dinner was better than ours. I was going to make Chicken Parmigina, but we had a take and bake pizza left over from Saturday (and Steven had left over KFC because that's what he wanted when we made pizza for our kids and the Benson kids) SO, we decided to have that and make the chicken pargmigina tonight. Lame!

Searls Stuff said...

Awe, thanks Amanda! You are more beautiful than I remember. I am glad your day was filled with loving moments.

Jamie said...

Cute picture of you two.

Yay for a new camera. The pictures look great!