Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exploring the Charles River

We end up squandering most of our Saturdays. Between catching up on the house work, sleeping in, and playing outside, we don't usually get out to do anything adventurous, but this Saturday we decided to brave the cold (the pictures look perfect, but believe me, it was frigid) and explore along the Charles River. As usual getting out of the house was a bit hectic (thus the tears), and it took us longer than it should have, but we did finally get out and we were sure glad we did.

When we got home we made a list of all the things we did on our day out:
  • Went to the bike store (Porter got a helmet & Maya and Bennett got horns)
  • Caught the bus to Harvard Square (believe it or not, riding the bus is a BIG deal)
  • Walked/Rode to the river
  • Watched the skateboarders (who were in their 30's, what's up with that?)
  • Searched the river banks for treasures
  • Watched a street performer named "Wacky Chad" (this will get it's own post later)
  • Got Ice Cream
  • Played at the park
  • Bennett told me, for the first time, "I don't like you mommy"

Bennett enjoyed "fishing" in the river, and Porter and Maya liked scouring the banks for all kinds of "treasures".

Porters best find of the day, a rusty, broken pocket knife (we eventually evoked out Parental Right of Legal Seizure, and confiscated the weapon due to it's high level of potential danger). Porter asked "How do you think it got there?" (He found it under a rock) Casey suggested a fisherman had probably set it down and forgot about it, and I instantly felt guilty for assuming some criminal had tossed it into the river to dispose of evidence from some grizzly crime.

Benny was so cute crusin' around on the back of Casey's new bike. I kept worrying that his little toes would get stuck in the spokes of the wheel, but he did great...until near the end of our adventure when his entire foot got wedged in the spokes. Poor guy. He was pretty sad, but he's walking now, so I guess it's all OK.


Sarah Harward said...

I'm sure Porter got quite the kick out of finding that knife. He's kind of like Dad. Finds stuff laying in the road and just has to stop and get it. Poor Miles doesn't look like he was having much fun! And Bennett on that bike is TOO cute! I think Jessica was looking for a bike kind of like that to be in some of their engagement pictures. Too bad you guys are so far away!

Kathy said...

Looks like a fun Saturday. That bike cracked me up. Poor Bennett, I am surprised that Creative Casey didn't think of a piece of cardboard or something more clever to keep his feet out of the spokes. Also, the first thing I thought of with the knife, was someone hiding a weapon. Scary. Make sure you used Germx so the murder can't be traced back to your family :)