Sunday, April 18, 2010

National Turn Off Your TV Week Update...

Here we are all zoning out and staring that the "Boob Tube"

OK, so nobody's perfect. We made it till Friday which was a dreary, rainy day, so Dad made the executive decision (without consulting Mom) that it'd be OK to watch TV. I think since we didn't complete the entire week, we'll try again this week (on the ACTUAL Turn Off Your TV Day). Here's some of the fun we had on our trial run...
  • We played Frisbee in the yard
  • We made friends with two cute little dogs, and enjoyed throwing a ball for them (two days in a row)
  • We had fun trying to PoGo (our neighbor saw us outside playing and brought her pogo stick out for the kids to try. They were thrilled, although they may have been a little disappointed that they didn't go as high as Wacky Chad). Porter holds the record with three bounces.
  • We submitted a picture for Lego magazine
  • Played Go Fish
  • Walked to the library
  • Visited Hi Rise Bakery for cookies YUM
  • Caught a pet snail
In general the house was much more messy, the kids we much noisier, but there was also a lot more creative play and getting along. We don't really watch THAT much TV, but I enjoyed giving it up. I liked not having to think every time the kids asked if they could watch a movie. I didn't have to figure up how much they had watched already, I just had a prepared answer "NO". When I was growing up my Mom would always tell us to prepare our answers before we were faced with a question. Examples: If anyone ever asks me to smoke, I'll say NO WAY! (safety kids reinforced that concept). It really does make life easier, we'll have to wade through enough 'gray' that having automatic answers to the black is quite a relief.


Katy Nelson said...

SAFETY KIDS!!!!!! i remember them!

Kathy said...

I love you and I love the pictures. What cute grandkids I have!!