Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm hiding from the hooligans

In order to get away from the realities of my day, I sometimes sneak into my room and blog, or sneak into the kitchen and find things to nibble on, or simply erupt into tears and lock myself in the bathroom. It's been one of those weeks. Yesterday I thought I broke my toe because I threw a temper tantrum and kicked the couch, then I threw the diaper wipes across the room and busted the container. Maybe I should try to explain the conditions that led to these event (although I know there is really no excuse for acting like a baby). Porter and Maya were giving me grief about doing their school work, and Porter had done his math problems incorrectly 3 times (that's not counting all the backwards 3's and sloppy writing), there were spatterings of legos all over the house, Bennett had pooped in his undies and the poop had dribble out all over the carpet, the kitchen was a mess (I had been making freezer meals for a girl I visit teach), Miles screamed and thrashed the whole time I got him dressed and as soon as I finished dressing him Bennett dumped an entire bottle of water on him (so I got to endure the screaming all over again), It was a beautiful day outside but we couldn't go enjoy it because my children simply refused to do what they were asked (and I refused to reward them for being terrors) etc... I'm sure you can imagine. When I told Casey how I had acted he said "I guess you showed them". When I told my mom about my tantrum she said "Sounds like you have some Larry Porter in you". Well, Larry Porter turned out pretty great, so maybe I just need to give myself time.

Or maybe we just need more company. I'm always cheerful and happy when company is around. Anyone want to come visit Cambridge? Oh, and look at Miles awesome smile in this picture. What a cutie.

Check out Porters crossed eyes. Too funny. Bennett was napping during these pictures, but he had so much fun with Thula and Lela visiting. Last night I was putting him to bed and he said "Thula sleeping?" I told him she was sleeping, but at her house now.

I walked into the living room today and Bennett was on Mayas lap looking something like this. He was pretending to be her puppy. Also, when I woke up this morning Bennett had green marker all over his forehead, legs, feet, arms, etc. and when I asked him why he drew all over himself he said "I DRAW NIGHT FURY". What a little goof ball.


Casey said...

I didn't see you sneek this one in. You left out the part where i'm at school till midnight all week and you've been doing everything by yourself. Give yourself some credit.
I love you.