Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Turn Off Your TV Week (a little early)

The actual "National Turn Off Your TV Week" is next week, but due to a little confusion on my part we're starting a week early. Maybe we'll go for the long haul and do it two weeks! (after yesterday Porter said "Can we do this EVERY day?" I guess it was a hit)
Here is the list of Ideas we came up with:
Play outside (playground)
Read a book
Do some fun jobs (cleaning windows, walls, etc.)
Family Home Evening
Write a letter
Draw a picture
Play with clay
Make a craft project
Build blocks as a family
Make a song and dance
Go for a nature walk
Fly kites

Yesterday we had a lot of fun. We made muffins together. Porter and Bennett made blueberry muffins, and Maya made mini chocolate chip. They had so much fun helping with the snack and everyone was so well behaved. Porter was so good at helping Bennett know what to do. It was super cute. Typically I would have turned on a movie for the kids and I would have made the snack myself. But they did so well I MIGHT start including them more often.

Everyone enjoys having a turn to stir.

Our muffins turned out beautifully. I may have baked the mini ones a little too long (I think my oven cooks fast).

I've been meaning to post a picture of this apron for a LONG time. Casey's cousin Leigh made it for a giveaway on her blog, and I won!!! I was so excited but I would always forget to have Casey take a picture of it, so yesterday was the last straw. I had Porter be my photographer, and although it's not the best picture I think you get the point. I love the apron. It's so pretty, sometimes I wish I could wear it all the time. It's much prettier than any of the clothing I own. Anyway...Thanks Leigh (about 8 months late).

Some of the other things we did on the first day of NO TV WEEK:
Maya learned to play Hot Cross Buns on the piano
Porter maid up a song on the little tyke piano
Bennett continued Potty Training
We played at the park
Maya drew a picture of a dog she met outside
Porter build a really cool Lego Limo Hummer
We finished The Magicians Nephew (1st Chronicles of Narnia book)
Played with all our people/animal toys and the doll house
Had a friend over to play
Went to McDonald's (got really cool How To Train Your Dragon toys)
Flew kites for Family Home Evening (expect pictures shortly)


Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun productive day.

leigh said...

yay for no tv! and yay for the apron. i did a double take because mine is exactly the same and i had forgotten i'd sent you one too :)

Sarah Harward said...

Such a cute Apron!!! I love it! Your day was much more productive than mine. And I'm not having very high expectations for today...well, at least the kids got to play in the Peckenpaugh's cool back yard!

Hannah's Blogger said...

Thanks to hanny who started that book for youuu!! Your apron is super cute!! i wish you guys would come take frady back. i think i'm alergic to her. My eyes are itchin like crazy. But i still love frady to death!

Jamie said...

I thought that apron looked familiar.

Fun to have a no tv week. we'll have to try that in the summer or maybe a no computer week