Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miss Elaine E. Us

So, while my mom was here were were trying to remember how to spell MISCELLANEOUS (I had to spell check it just now). Neither of us were certain of the spelling, so we started thinking up silly spellings. Miss Elaine E. Us was my favorite...

This boy loves making crazy faces for the camera.

Who is that playing with legos? Yep, it's Maya!

and Miles! Maybe that's why I found a Lego in his diaper the other day...

One last photo with Grampy, Hanny, and Nana before they left (if only they'd come back).

You're never too big to kiss your Nana!

Pucker up. (in this picture you get a little peek at Nana's bandaged finger. Right before she left she was adjusting a skirt she had made for me, and all of a sudden I hear he saying "HELP, HELP! While cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder. She had been talking to James and cutting a thick band of elastic when she snipped her knuckle. It was pretty gross, but we got her bandaged up and sent her on her way.)

She gave each kid a dollar, and they each gave her a kiss in return. I wish I could make money that easily.

Miles has a new friend. He loves watching the washing machine, when I leave the closet door open. It's pretty great right now because he's too short to reach the buttons, so I can leave it open just for the sheer enjoyment of watching him stare.


Elaine said...

I like Miss Elaine E. Us. too and Miles' elvis smile.

Kathy said...

I want to come back and get more kisses :( How many more weeks until that wedding? only about 5 weeks!! pArTy at Nana's house :)