Friday, April 9, 2010

A little time outside

We got to go to the park and enjoy the 85+ degree weather. It was wonderful! The kids loved playing in the sand, and I loved cleaning the sand out of the bathroom afterward (NOT, but hey, we had fun).

Oh wait, that's not a soccer ball, it's a head! Not a bad way to keep track of your kids, if you ask me.

Dad always makes playing at the park more fun (I'm usually so busy counting heads I don't actually do much playing).

There was a couple at the park with one baby just a little older than Miles. I noticed their baby crawling in the sand and having a blast. I though to myself, "If first time parents are willing to let their infant play in the sand, I guess I'm being too protective keeping Miles on my lap." So after asking the mom how she kept her son from eating the sand I took the plunge and placed Miles in the sand near the other kids. Guess what....he ate the sand (several times).

A girl in our ward was shooting a Parenting Commercial, and asked if Porter would be her child star. He was too shy and said he didn't want to do it, but Missy Moo isn't shy, and was happy to help. She did a great job (the commercial will be ready in a few weeks, and I'll post a link or something). They were really nice to her, and had all kinds of junk food there for the kids to eat - Pizza, cookies, candy, etc. Well after we were finished she said the kids could take what ever they wanted. Porter grabbed a box of cookies (all the while wishing he would have said yes to the acting gig), and Maya marched over the the eggplant they had used as a prop, and cradled it in her arms the rest of the day. I cooked it up for them last night. I tossed it in a mixture of wheat germ, Parmesan cheese, and spices, then I baked it. It was delicious, but I was the only one who liked it, the kids all said "I wish it was cheese!" (I guess since it's kind of white like cheese, and we dipped it in pizza sauce. They must have though they were fried mozzarella sticks)

Look out world, here she comes!

Here are the boys waiting for the commercial to start shooting. Oh, I almost forgot, my handsome hubby got to be in the show also. He played the challenging part of Gabe the less than patient parent.


Me said...

All my kids ate sand, Ethne especially. I remember her just stuffing it in by the fistfuls. I can never understand why they'd want to--I hate grittiness in my mouth.

Sarah Harward said...

Actually, playing Gabe was difficult for Casey because he's a pretty patient guy. It would have been all to easy for me though!! As soon as Landon saw the first picture he said 'Ew! Miles is eating SAND!!' So I guess eventually they figure out it's gross.

Sarah Harward said...

Oh yeah, and HONESTLY! Maya with her cute little closed mouthed, cherry liped smile is TOO SWEET! I'm sure they thought they hit the jack pot at getting such a beautiful actress at the cost of only an eggplant!!

(p.s. I meant to say that 'playing Gabe PROBABLY was difficult for Casey...' in my other comment. I didn't mean to sound like a know-it-all)