Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Landon and Addie

Special requests don't go unanswered here, especially when they are so fun to do. So for Landon and Addie who will probably be begging Aunt Sarah to get a mac, here's the Elmer Clowns!

Maya "Big Sniffer" Elmer, Casey "Angry English Cabby" Elmer, Bennett "Loppy" Elmer, Porter "Leno Chin" Elmer

Maya "Bug Eyes" Elmer, Casey "Big Schnauz" Elmer, Bennett "Pin Head" Elmer, Porter "Droopy Chin" Elmer

Porter "Alien Cranium" Elmer

Maya "Baby Face" Elmer

Porter "Chipmunk Cheeks" Elmer

Bennett "CrossEyed" Elmer


Sarah Harward said...

SO FUNNY! Landon said he thinks Bennett looks cute in that last one. I'm not sure cute would be the word I would use, but whatever!! Thanks for putting these up!

Katy Nelson said...

my roomate ashlie got a mac a while back and when we discovered this crazy feature there was hours of non stop laughter!!