Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Earth Day

We spent the ACTUAL Earth Day at the Museum of Science. I really like that place. I wish Casey could go with us so we could split up and the kids could get more out of it. Porter and Maya love asking the workers questions and learning about the different exhibits, and Bennett loves following them around and making me crazy. I think it would be ideal if one person could keep the babies in the young children area, and one person could take Porter and Maya around to see the other exhibits. It was still fun, but just a little more chaotic. I didn't loose anyone this time, so I guess that's an improvement!

The museum is HUGE! We had a blast last time, but I realized we didn't see hardly any of it, and this time we saw a few more things, but still have tons of stuff we haven't even seen. We got to see the DINO area this time, and that's always cool.

They had a butterfly area where the kids could make butterflies out of pipe cleaners and coffee filters. Porter was really cute to help Bennett, I think the workers were wondering where his parents were.

You can barley see it, but in the right hand bottom corner of this picture is a HUGE frog. Bennett thought it was so cool.

Poor little Miles always has to get pictures while I'm holding him, so they are not the best. And I got Bennett to hold still long enough to snap a quick picture of his butterfly.

I've probably had this shirt for 5 years (my mom bought it for me), and have never wore it much. I've always resisted getting rid of it because I really thought if I could just loose a few more lb's I'd dig it, but today I decided to see if I could find a way to get a little more enjoyment from it. So I took an old paint shirt of Mayas and made an owl outline on it. Unfortunately the paint damage was pretty substantial so the owl didn't cover it, but I'm debating painting the word Hoot on the shirt, to make the paint look more intentional? Who know (no pun intended).

And Miles also benefited from my generosity and received a super cute pair of lounge pants. I love them so much. They are soft and have these cute little details I love. The shirt had a tag on the waist and an embroidered emblem at the hip, and now his pants have those at the cuff. Also because there were slits in the sides of the shirt the pants have these cute little splits at the ankle. OK, so if I'm being honest, maybe the pants aren't that cute, but that baby is stinkin' adorable!

I took the waist in a bit after taking these pictures, so they fit a little better around the waist now. WOW, that was fun!

Why don't I do these kinds of things more often?


Sarah Harward said...

SO CUTE! Miles's two top toofers in the second to last picture are too cute!!!

Elaine said...

Thula and Stuart went to the Museum of Science in Hartford on Earth day too! Love the sewing projects.

Kathy said...

Why don't you do them more often? Because you have 4 young children all at home, homeschooling, basically single-parenting it most of the time, and NO BACK YARD for the kids to play in without supervision. Way to be productive!

leigh said...

really cute! I love the pants and the owl.