Thursday, April 29, 2010

Play Time

Bennett came up to me the other day with his tongue wagging like a little puppy, so I said "Who lost this cute little puppy?" Porter came running up and said it was his puppy. I asked what his name was and Porter said "His name is Hotchie". So we played puppy with little Hotchie all evening. A little later Porter came running up to me and said "Mom, come quick this is so cute" I entered their room to find Bennett (who was now named Bling Bling because Porter wanted to be Hotchie) like this...

Check out those lips. This kid cracks me up!

I wasn't going to exert the effort to photograph it, when Porter said "PLEASE, I want to remember this FOREVER!" How can I say no to that?

Porter is on this big Harry Houdini kick, so we got a few books from the library for him (I like these much better than the KIDZ BOP 14 CD they checked out). I keep finding him hidden away pouring over the Houdini books. I just hope he's not planning some daring excape of his own. He did walk over to me with his hands handcuffed behind his back the other night. He wriggled himself free and walk away looking very self satisfied.

Ok, really I just didn't have any pictures of Maya so (even though it's not the best picture) I included this one. Doesn't Miles look like an adorable baby hippo with is Chicklet teeth?

Miles didn't seem to enjoy playing doggy as much as the other kids.


Elaine said...

Hey did you guys watch that dog movie Hachi? We liked it and Thula was bawling at the end of it. Miles has the same 'cry face' as Maya.

Kathy said...

Bennett is the cutest little puppy ever!! I want that puppy to come to my house. I can't believe Porter likes the magic books (he will make Grampy proud). Maya and Miles are so cute.... only a couple of weeks. I love you all!

Nicole said...

Those kids really do crack me up, they have such great imaginations

ginger said...

I don't think we can play again until you return kidzbop...indy won't stop singing it.