Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fruit Salad...Owie, Owie

My good friend from Philadelphia (she actually lives in Connecticut now) is visiting with her two adorable little girls, so we've had lots of fun with them this week. Last night was pretty exciting, Elaine and I left Casey home with the kids and ran to return a movie and visit the Main Branch of the Library. When we got to the library it was already closed so we just came back home. We walked in the door and there was Casey, in the middle of giving a sobbing Porter a priesthood blessing. Porters hand was wrapped in a mob of matted toilet paper. They explained that Porter had been trying to cut himself a pear (which he's not supposed to do) when he slipped and cut his finger. It was a fairly deep cut, so Elaine stayed with the kids and Casey and I ran him to the ER. I was a little frustrated (because I didn't really think we needed to go to the ER for a finger cut), but the trip was not too bad. Porter was terrified they would give him stitches (thanks to Dad who dramatically kept saying "they'll need to stitch it'), but everyone was really friendly, and as we were signing in Casey started singing the Fruit Salad song from The Wiggles, only instead of singing "Fruit salad, yummy, yummy" he'd sing "Fruit salad, owie, owie". Porter loved it and was busting a gut laughing so hard. He kept trying to sing it but couldn't get it out without hysterically laughing and snorting. It was pretty cute (what a good dad we have, even if he is a little dramatic). We got through pretty quickly (thank heavens) and EVERYONE there was so so so so nice. I was incredibly pleased with the staff. They joked around with Porter and made him feel much more comfortable (he's such a nervous kid). The doctor said it could really go either way. He said stitches would be a more secure hold, but they could glue it and use steri strips to hold it closed, and then put it in a splint to keep it from cracking open. Of course Porter opted for the glue (despite the fact that Casey kept trying to get him to choose the stitches). It was pretty cool, and now he has a wicked cool splint on his finger. When we got home he showed off his hospital bracelet (the admitting lady put stickers on it for him), and later that night when Maya was bawling her eyeballs out (because she had to let her pet snail go) Porter said "Maya, I was really sad when I had to go to the doctor for my finger, but it was actually really fun, and I'm glad I got a cut". I love that kid.


Sarah Harward said...

Oh, poor kid!! Hope you're having fun with Elaine! We missed you this weekend at Time Out for Women. It really wasn't the same without you. Michael McClean was painfully cheesy and mom and I kept thinking how much you would have loved it!!

Elaine said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm signing your "yearbook!" I had such a great time with you these last few days. You are such a terrific friend and I hope I know you forever! It's so refreshing to be with with another girl who is 'normal' like me! Take care friend!